Éric Zemmour declared his presidential candidacy on Tuesday in a video on the internet where the Château d’Ussé appears. The owner says he is “stunned” and assures that he has “never been contacted” by the polemicist’s team.

The use of images of the castle of Ussé, in Indre-et-Loire, in the video announcing the candidacy for the presidential election of Eric Zemmour is a “piracy”, reacted Tuesday, November 30 with France Bleu Touraine its owner Casimir de Blacas. The owner of the castle says he is “stunned”, and assures that he has “never been contacted” by the campaign team of the polemicist.

“That we use the images of a private place for political purposes seems unthinkable to me, it seems to me that it is a complaint, adds Casimir de Blacas. It is outright piracy. I have no no particular connection with Eric Zemmour, any more than I have any connection with any other candidate. “

“Any candidate would have asked for my approval to use the Château d’Ussé in a clip, I would have refused!”

The owner of the castle concludes: “It is a family residence which is open to the general public and which should not, under any circumstances, be used for political purposes.”

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