Ric Flair would like to help Jacksonville Jaguar fans support their home team this year. Flair recently posted a video on his official YouTube page showing backstage footage of the “Wooooo Cam” played at Jags home games. In the video, Flair asks fans to give “2 Claps and a Ric Flair” to support the team.

The Jaguars belong to Shahid Khan, the father of AEW President Tony Khan. While Flair’s involvement with the Jags could lead to speculation that he’s on his way to AEW, Flair appears to be hoping to shoot “woooo cams” for a variety of different sports teams.

“Look for the WOOOOOCam, around 2022 meet all sports teams! ”is a description of Flair’s video.

This is not the first time that the 16-time world champion has supported the team. Prior to the 2017 NFL season, Flair also sent motivational t-shirts to the Jaguars.

Thanks for the shirts, @RicFlairNatrBoy, and nice that you are better! We thank the team for your support! https: //t.co/tJU0gtU2qb pic.twitter.com/U5FqNmV509

# Jaguar players and staff wear jerseys to keep you moving: “Wooooooo!” Ric Flair sent these because he’s a Jags fan. pic.twitter.com/qZcwgSHEDA

Flair also helped the Jacksonville Jaguars welcome Trevor Lawrence as the # 1 draft pick in the franchise this spring. He spoke to the media about Lawrence’s potential in Jacksonville.

“I don’t know Trevor Lawrence,” Flair told Outkick. “But if he only does half the hype, it’ll be great. It gives this organization some notoriety. ”

@TonyKhan I’m at the Jacksonville Jaguars game and the greatest of all time @RicFlairNatrBoy shows up on the big screen. Is there anything @ AEW fans should be happy about ??? pic.twitter.com/kkYwCeJwZE

While his filming of the Wooooo Cam for the Jags may have nothing to do with his future wrestling deals, it was recently reported that Flair is expected to sign with AEW. His free agency was recently mentioned in the Wrestling Observer newsletter.

“Although nothing has been announced, word gets around that it appears to be a ban that will bring Ric Flair here if he is legally able to do so,” wrote Dave Meltzer.

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