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Aired this evening on TF1, Retour chez ma mère was entitled to a sequel, A tour of my daughter, in theaters on June 16!

Released in June 2016, Retour chez ma mère was a great success, attracting 2.2 million spectators in France.

5 years later, director Eric Lavaine reunites with his happy band for Un tour chez ma fille, which will hit theaters on June 16.

In the first film, Stéphanie, alias Alexandra Lamy, was forced to return to live with her mother, Jacqueline (Josiane Balasko). She was welcomed with open arms, discovering the joys of the overheated apartment, of Francis Cabrel on a loop and frenzied Scrabble games.

She also benefited from the precious mother’s advice on how to sit at the table and lead her life. Between settling of scores and family secrets, the little family was unleashed in the most jubilant way.

“Returning to my mother’s house having been a great success in theaters and on television, the partners of the film quickly encouraged me to make a sequel. But not having the right idea, I just did not follow up. ‘the day I imagined a title that sounded pretty good compared to the first opus, “says director Eric Lavaine.

“A trip to my daughter’s house was a nice match to Retour chez ma mère. So it’s the title that was the seed of this scenario, whereas in general we write a script and then we take our head to find a effective title! “, he explains.

In Un tour chez ma fille, Stéphanie is absent, gone to live in Brazil. This time, it’s the mom who shows up! Jacqueline, in the middle of renovations in her apartment, is happily forced to go and live “a few days” with her eldest daughter Carole (Mathilde Seigner) and her son-in-law Alain (Jérôme Commander), in the middle of couple therapy.

These “few days” turn into “a few months”, Jacqueline quickly feels at home, prepares dinners, monopolizes the television, reorganizes the kitchen… She is there and we do not know for how long!

Josiane Balasko was very happy to find Eric Lavaine’s team and part of the cast of the first opus:

“Eric wanted to find this family, without knowing yet what he planned to do with the intrusive mother that I embody. When he told me that he had the subject, I was happy because we were going to reconstitute the family. around Jacqueline, even if the character of Alexandra Lamy, Jacqueline’s other daughter, left for Brazil to settle there as an architect “, indicates the actress.

Balasko found the script very funny because it works a lot on misunderstandings, linking misunderstandings to misunderstandings. “Jacqueline does not live in the same world as her children and is a bit off the mark, even if she has a sentimental and sexual life, which does not fail to lead to confusion in her relationship with her son-in-law”, analyzes she does.

As for Mathilde Seigner, she has the opportunity to develop the character of Carole with Un tour chez ma fille, in the absence of her sister Stéphanie, played by Alexandra Lamy:

“Carole was quite odious at the beginning of the first opus, which was nevertheless rather profitable, even if she made up for it at the end. In this second chapter, she supports and cash, while worrying that her mother takes root in her, but showed a lot of patience.

She is also very invested in her job and constantly lacks time: she is a character in which many women today will recognize themselves, “said the actress.

Laurent Tirard

Benjamin Lavernhe, Sara Giraudeau

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