Aviron Bayonnais logically wins against Agen at the end of a controlled match. The Basques knocked out the Lot-et-Garonnais in the first period with 3 tries. Agen was unruly. Bayonne is off to a good start to the season he wants to crush in Pro D2.

Lacombe transformation! To the right at 25 meters, the Agen striker crosses his shot from the right (37-16).

Sloan try! On yet another touch 15 meters away in the Bayonne camp, the Agenais save the honor thanks to the Englishman who benefits from a good job from Lokotui. Launched, Sloan hits Ordas then flattens to the right.

The Lot-et-Garonnais do not manage to play their touch at 5 meters. Incredible … The referee explains to them that their alignment is not well in place but they persist and are sanctioned. Arm broken for the Basques who did not ask for so much.

The Agenais get a penalty on the left in the last 22 Bayonnais meters thanks to a well negotiated scrum.

Ordas transformation! On the left at 25 meters, the newcomer adds two points to his team’s scoreboard with his right foot (37-9).

Duhau test! 5 meters from the line, the Basques form a penetrating group … which does not cross the line. Ordas kicks from the right to the left wing. In the in-goal the ball bounces. Baget jumps to deviate back. Duhau flattens.

The ball is captured by the Bayonnais in touch. Their maul is progressing well. It stops 15 meters from the line. The balloon comes out quickly to the right. Duhau tries to pass the arms for Ravouvou! Tolot makes a voluntary step forward. Sanction to come.

The Agenais come back 22 meters to the right. In the closed, Gauban charges. It is well taken. Amosa snatches the ball away from him but he drops the ball and commits a forward.

Lokotui fails a meter from the line! Thrown at full speed to the left after a good touch, he commits a forward. The Agenais contest with the referee and are sanctioned with a penalty.

Ref: https://www.lequipe.fr