Gnabry is found on the right. He crochet inward and feel Kimmich coming to his back. The center of the German midfielder towards Lewandowski at the far post is deflected with the tip of his head by Jaeckel who is just ahead of the Polish striker.

With an average of 1.5 goals scored against the Union in four meetings, Bayern has more than triple the usual rate.

Gnabry arrives at full speed in the left side area and sends an aerial cross back towards Lewandowski who controls by backing and who tries to finish on the ground from the left but he is too short.

Big aerial duel between Voglsammer and Pavard. The Berliner struggles to get up and is taken care of by the trainers outside the field.

Gnabry has room but his cross at the far post to Lewandowski is too elusive. The Pole was all alone.

Upamecano recovers in his twenty meters. The start of a 70-meter rush from the Frenchman who serves as the entrance to the area magnificently Müller on his left. The German fixes the sole to cold Knoche before rolling right up to the post.

Union Berlin were on a 21-game home unbeaten streak, the best ongoing streak among Bundesliga clubs. The Berlin club are only approaching their second defeat since entering the top flight, each time against Munich.

Davies has a good situation to exploit on the left near the surface but his doubling for Musiala lacks dosage and the ball goes in six meters.

The French grimaced as he returned to the sidelines after his replacement. The ankle seems affected, and Hasan Salihamid? I? bangs the roof of the bench in anger. Bad omen before the next duel in the Champions League.

The previous four matches had offered a total of nine goals between the two teams. We are already at two-thirds (6) in just 70 minutes.

The audience of the An der Alten Försterei Stadion finds its voice and pushes its own. The intensity is distributed, the tension with each duel with.