Pablo Andujar gets two match points after another unprovoked foul by Thiem. The Austrian is confusing, he is far from his best level.

Thiem made a first difference with a well-hit cushioning, but then lacked a hand to conclude against Andujar, well present at the net.

The Austrian passes a first dry ball and Andujar misses his comeback. Funny “body language” from Thiem, which gives no sign of revolt or even annoyance.

Thiem puts the pressure on by going to the net quickly in the rally after a forehand attack. Andujar misses his passing.

Good first ball from Pablo Andujar, and Thiem still misses his return. The Austrian has his back to the wall!

Dominic Thiem is in the wrong zone! The Austrian has the whole court open, but wants to hit hard before he has fixed Andujar. The Spaniard, who started on the right side, succeeded in a forehand counter.

Thiem totally misses his backhand return. He gave way too many points today by committing mistakes on the return, on the serve of Andujar.

Dominic Thiem wins this very important service game, a necessity to stay alive in this game.

Unlike the start of the set, Pablo Andujar manages to confirm his break with authority. Offensive and precise in the service, he erased the few mistakes he made in the first two sets.

Andujar goes for Thiem’s ​​backhand on his first kicked ball. New fault of the Austrian.

The native of Cuenca takes the lead in this set, thanks to a good risk-taking in backhand on a return. Thiem remains frozen on his line. He once again gives up his stake.

Thiem rushes forward but it’s messy. His sliced ​​backhand, hit straight in front of him, takes the strip of the net.

Dominic Thiem accumulated the errors in backhand, caught by the wind which turns on the court. Very few obvious signs of fatigue in the two players, used to these long games on clay.

Nice defense of Thiem, facing an Andujar on the fly. The Spaniard misses his soft volley and allows his opponent to succeed in his long line passing.

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