Thank you to everyone for following us despite this early morning schedule. Meet at 7am for the men’s time trial and the last road event of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Annemieck Van Vleuten succeeds Leontien Van Moorsel, the last Dutchman to win Olympic gold in the time trial. It was in Athens, in 2004.

1. Annemieck Van Vleuten (PBS) in 30’13 ” / 2. Marlen Reusser (SUI) 56 ” / 3. Anna Van der Breggen (PBS) 1’02 ” / 4. Grace Brown (AUS) 1 ‘ 09 ” / 5. Amber Neben (USA) 1’13 ” / 6. Lisa Brennauer (ALL) 1’57 ” / 7. Chloe Dygert (USA) 2’16 ” / 8. Ashleigh Moolman (AFS) 2’24 ” / 9. Juliette Labous (FRA) 2’29 ” / 10. Elisa Longo-Borghini (ITA) 2’47 ”.

Without demerit, Juliette Labous invites herself into the Top 10. At 22, she finished 9th a good distance from the podium but can boast of beating competitors like Elisa Longo-Borghini.

The time trial has never smiled on French women. Since its introduction in 1996, the Blue have only gleaned two medals. Both for Jeannie Longo (silver in 1996 and bronze in 2000)

After a perfectly mastered time trial, Annemieck Van Vleuten won the Olympic title without any challenge. The 38-year-old Dutchwoman confirmed she was in great shape after her excellent road race where she took the silver. She left no hope for her opponents. Only Reusser managed to come within a minute of the new Olympic champion.

Van der Breggen got stuck in the final. The Dutchwoman tries to restart in the last meters but fails more than a minute from Van Vleuten. It is also worse than Reusser but sufficient to get on the podium.

This time trial is a way of the cross for Dygert. The American grimaces more and more as she approaches the home stretch.

Annemieck van Vleuten completed his time trial in 30’13 ”, an average of 43’9 km / h.

Determined, the Swiss Reusser tears off in the home stretch and manages to take the provisional second place 50 seconds behind Van Vleuten. There are only two competitors behind, including Dygert adrift. The medal is promised to him.

Anna Van der Breggen enters the final circuit. She is nearly 40 seconds behind her compatriot in the provisional score. She should only be able to catch up by the time of arrival.

Thrown like a ball, Van Vleuten did not separate and crossed the line stretched out on the frame of his bike. The 38-year-old Dutchwoman pushes Amber Neben to 1’12 ”. No one seems able to struggle with it today.

Anna Van der Breggen’s last race is not going as she would have expected. The world champion is 29 seconds behind in the second intermediate on Van Vleuten.

Moments after Moolman, Neben takes the place of leader. The former world champion debunks the South African with disconcerting ease. Yet behind his back, the silhouette of Van Vleuten emerges. The Dutch will crush the competition.

It didn’t play out much, but Ashleigh Moolman is the new leader. The South African crossed the finish line 5 seconds ahead of the time set by Labous. The Frenchwoman will not win gold.

Van Vleuten is a part of this time trial and makes a strong impression. Passed in the lead at the second intermediate in 20 ‘, the Dutch dropped without a glance the Dane Norsgaard started 5 minutes before her.