Stade Montois emerged victorious from this clash at the end of a meeting full of intensity. Despite a good reaction from Nevers at the end of the first period, the bees were able to impose their rhythm and maintain their advantage throughout the match.

The Montois continue to set the pace and want to fold the game with a series of attacks at the height of the halfway line.

Transformation of Laousse Apiazu! Offset to the right of the posts at 35 meters, the striker adds two additional points 3 minutes from the end of the match. (41-20)

De Nardi essay! The match ignites, after another mess, this time in the Nevers camp, the winger grabs the ball and goes to the in-goal on the right. (39-20)

Cazenave transformation! The scrum half succeeds his kick 35 meters to the left of the poles (34-20)

Bonvalot’s essay! After a mess five meters from the Mons goal line, Bonvalot flattened. (32-20)

Coly’s transformation! 25 meters from the poles, slightly to the right, the scrum-half transforms his second try (34-13).

Coly try! On a penalty played quickly, the scrum half escapes to the right side and flattens in the in-goal. He marks his seventh try of the season. (32-13)

On a nice touch from Nevers, the Burgundians start the game on the right, Menoret serves Camou who pierces the defense but is stopped. The ball is recovered by the Mons on a counter-ruck.

First touch lost for Nevers in this second period which gives way to a great test opportunity.