What a tournament for Zverev! The German, already impressive in the semi-finals against Djokovic, outclassed Karen Khachanov in the final to become Olympic champion. Excellent in service and defense, he never gave hope to his Russian rival.

Khachanov is awkward in the small game at the net and offers a match point to Zverev!

The Russian offers himself a reprieve thanks to his service. Zverev will serve in a moment to win the match, he who has conceded only one break point since the start of the game.

New fault of Khachanov, short of solutions. The Russian tries punches, but nothing seems to be able to destabilize Zverev.

The German distributes the balls from his baseline. With this second station wagon in his pocket, he is already putting his hand on the trophy!

Khachanov misses the side on his forehand attack, and Zverev succeeds in a backhand block.

What cons of Zverev. While he seemed to overflow in a forehand, the German relaxes and places a superb forehand long line!

Despite a somewhat soft volley, Zverev forces Khachanov’s fault and confirms his break without trembling. German takes off.

Ref: https://www.lequipe.fr