Cruel defeat for the French in the 1st round of the US Open. Against Ramos-Vinolas, Lucas Pouille got off to a bad start then regained his tennis to lead two sets to one and afford two match points in the 4th set. He did not know how to conclude and takes the door.

The Spaniard goes back long in Pouille’s feet, who makes the mistake by stepping back. Second match point.

Pouille holds the shock to the exchange, camps on his line and makes run Ramos-Vinolas who ends up cracking on the forehand side. The French clenched his fist towards his clan, the match point was dismissed.

Pouille harvests a high forehand volley into the net. Match point for Ramos-Vinolas.

Pouille does not tremble behind his second ball and releases a cross forehand which pushes Ramos-Vinolas to the fault.

Pouille continues to take the net early in the rally. Ramos-Vinolas fixes him on the backhand side then cross pass.

The French chained forward more and more often, Ramos-Vinolas missed his forehand passing.

The Frenchman concludes with a backhand volley and asks for the support of the public.

The standoff was exchanged from the baseline, Pouille made the mistake by starting long the line.

Pouille goes under the ball and drops a floating ball behind the baseline. Ramos-Vinolas comes back to height.

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