In full preparation for her new show on France 2, titled Les temps changent, Faustine Bollaert could not help but wink at Jean-Luc Delarue, the former host of It is discussed, of which she was inspired a lot.

Accustomed to evoking painful subjects in her daily program It starts today on France 2, Faustine Bollaert is preparing to put her experience at the service of a program entitled Les temps changent, her new premium on public service. Inspired by It is discussed, the cult program hosted by Jean-Luc Delarue in the 1990s and 2000s, this program which will be broadcast in November will be devoted to the subject of abused childhood, as the host explained this Monday, September 13. to our colleagues from Télé Star. Cut into two parts, the show will involve witnesses on the set, but a documentary will also be broadcast on the evolution “of this social subject”.

And it is by unveiling some images of the shoot on Monday that the host wanted to pay a tribute to the one who was one of her models, Jean-Luc Delarue, who died in 2012. For the needs of his show, Faustine Bollaert was therefore digitally encrusted on the set of It is discussed, which devoted a few years ago an issue to victims of pedophilia. Images that will be reused, but which have upset the host … “There are incrustations more moving than others …” she writes on Instagram, sharing this moment in pictures. “Thought for the entire Reservoir Prod team” she adds, winking at the production house created by Jean-Luc Delarue, which will produce Les temps changer.

“Wink”, “respect”, “Jean-Luc Delarue”, writes again the anchor woman of France 2. Faced with all these emotions, the one who will soon present Voyage to the center of memory could well need to use his methods so as not to be overcome by emotion! Techniques that she frequently uses for the shoots of It begins today, as she explains to Télé Star. “I have a lot of rituals that allow me to drop out afterwards. For difficult shows, I prepare myself beforehand. We talk about it with my producer and I mentalize a lot what I’m going to hear so as not to be too gripped by the guts. they will tell me. It allows me to arrive armed to face these emotions “

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