Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City has unveiled its first images. We discover several cult characters from the franchise stamped Capcom: Claire Redfield and her brother Chris, Leon Scott Kennedy, Albert Wesker, etc. The director of this reboot, Johannes Roberts, intends to forget the pitiful adaptations of Paul W.S. Anderson. If the first film is appreciated by some, the sequels go in all directions and retain little connection with the video game work. The focus is on action as Johannes Roberts returns to horror in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. Lisa Trevor’s presence confirms this. And in an interview for IGN, the filmmaker reveals the direction this adaptation takes in live action.

Johannes Roberts promises fans: this adaptation will be faithful to Capcom’s games.

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Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City will be true to the games, Johannes Roberts promises. In an interview for IGN, the director reveals that Capcom has given a helping hand to recreate iconic settings from Resident Evil like the famous town of Raccoon City and the Spencer mansion.

The director says his film returns to horror with a lot of dread and a heavy atmosphere, far removed from the “rough action” of Paul W.S. Anderson films. The man wants fans to feel that “the cult characters and locations match the Resident Evil universe.” Capcom even went so far as to give out the plans for the Spencer Mansion and Raccoon City Police Station for a perfect transcription! Not to mention the drawings that can be found on the walls of the famous place.

Johannes Roberts reveals that Capcom is “happy and excited” by the final rendering. The aesthetic of the film is inspired by the early games, but the storyline is not the same and intends to take certain liberties. The creatures remain faithful and mix “prostheses and synthetic images”. The man promises they are “wonderfully scary.”