Capcom’s zombie franchise is far from dead. After a new opus on consoles and an animated series Netflix, it is a feature film subtitled “Welcome to Raccoon City” which must arrive in the dark rooms. It is revealed in its first official images.

The great popularity of the Resident Evil brand has inevitably resulted in an exploitation of the universe by Hollywood. A six-film saga starring Milla Jovovich has emerged, rarely for the better and very often for the worse. Earlier this year, the animated series Infinite Darkness was released on Netflix. A great failure, but the platform will have the opportunity to do better with another production in real shots. In addition, a reboot for the cinema is also in preparation. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is directed by Johannes Roberts and must reconnect with the roots of the universe. By turning more to horror, using known figures and places. Its release is only scheduled in theaters on November 24 with us.

The scenario will speak to the fans of the first two video game opus by telling the fall of Raccoon City, emblematic city of the franchise. It will indeed be about the virus-T and the firm Umbrella Corporation. We hope that this new start in cinema will be more satisfying than the work of Paul W.S. Anderson. Loyalty requires, we will find emblematic characters. Robbie Amell and Kaya Scodelario will play Chris and Claire Redfield, Avan Jogia will be Leon S. Kennedy, Hannah John-Kamen will play the role of Jill Valentine and Tom Hopper has been chosen to lend his features to the disturbing Albert Wesker.

The cast shows itself in exclusive first images from the film. They come to us thanks to the IGN site and we can see what the characters will look like in this new adaptation.

On the first image above, we see Leon and Claire as a duo. The second allows us to see (from left to right) Albert, Brad Vickers (a secondary character played by Nathan Dales), Jill and Chris. Together they enter the Spencer mansion, an essential place and worship of the universe. Finally, in the last image (below), Lisa Trevor (Marina Mazepa) is illustrated. Failing to get a glimpse of the zombies, we discover one of the monsters in the film. In the first game, she is the daughter of the architect of the mansion and it is on her that the experiments were made by Umbrella. The director admits to IGN that he was fascinated by this “tragic” character and that he absolutely wanted to incorporate him into the script.

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