Following the two fatal accidents that occurred one week apart in June 2021 on the rise from Choulans to Lyon, residents have launched a petition to ask for the securing of this axis, which is very highly accident-prone. For their part, the public authorities are starting to take action.

The event was particularly tragic. On June 17, 2021, a 16-year-old teenager was killed at the bottom of the Montée de Choulans in the 5th arrondissement of Lyon. A refrigerated truck traveling down the axis downhill got out of control. He fell on the schoolboy, just in front of his school. An accident with a tragic outcome, which is not an isolated case. A week earlier, a motorist was killed a few hundred meters above, after hitting a pole.

Exceeded by the situation, residents have decided to launch a petition to demand the securing of this busy road axis. In two days, it gathered more than 17,000 signatures.

“The inhabitants who are in the buildings above say it: they hear rally races at night,” laments Monique Mordant, of the Saint-Juste Sainte-Irénée-Fourvière neighborhood committee, who was already fighting in the 1980s for prohibit the passage of trucks carrying dangerous products on this axis. “The way is clear so they are going fast,” she continues.

François Granchamps, a local resident, makes the same observation: “This axis is twice two lanes. We imagine that it is almost an urban motorway. The shape of the road tends to push people to drive quickly. Look at them. bus! They go by super fast! “

Promised through Mohamed Chihi, the assistant to the security of the city of Lyon and present on the day of the death of the 16-year-old teenager, directives were taken by the public authorities. First, the traffic light at the bottom of the climb, just in front of where the last deadly drama happened, has been changed. From now on, it regularly turns red when, previously, a request for pedestrian crossing was required via the push buttons.

Secondly, “we decided to install an educational radar on Friday (June 25, 2021 editor’s note) and we requested the Prefecture to install a sanction radar” specifies Fabien Bagnon, vice-president in charge of roads and mobility at the Lyon Metropolis.

On June 22, 2021, a meeting is to be held at the Rhône Prefecture to discuss the installation of the radar. But it will also be a question of increasing the police presence on this axis, and limiting its access to heavy goods vehicles with high tonnage.