Held in check on his lawn by timorous Spurs (2-2), Rennes may harbor some regrets, while there was room to better face a team from Tottenham largely conquerable. Thanks to goals from Flavien Tait and Gaà «tan Laborde, the Bretons still take a good point against the ogre of the competition before going to face Vitesse Arnhem.

Rennes is cornered in front of its surface by the Spurs, who try to dive in these last seconds. Martin got him yellow for an avoidable foul.

In all the good moves tonight, Guirassy comes out congratulated by the Roazhon Park, and replaced by the young Tel, only 16 years old.

Tottenham sits over the Rennes area, moving from left to right. Rodon heads a cross to the far post, but does not target.

Guirassy’s shot by turning around is blocked, a corner for Rennes. Hit on the right by Bourigeaud, the ball arrives at the far post on the head of Badà ©, a little too short to resume comfortably.

Martin between Rennes, and is playing his first minutes this season. Santamaria is called back to the bench.

The Bretons are still pushed by Roazhon Park, which still firmly believes in a success against the English that we do not really feel on our plate.

Guirassy is still valuable in handing over by his back-to-goal play, and serves Laborde in an ideal position to strike. Laborde’s first-line takeover goes too far to the left!

Double change in Rennes: Truffert is replaced by Meling, while Sulemana leaves for Ugochukwu. Side Spurs, Ndombé leaves for the benefit of Alli.

It’s cruel for the Bretons, as Tottenham picks up in the wake. Doherty’s cross is deflected by Tait, who serves on a plateau despite the goal to Hojbjerg who concludes at close range!

Roazhon Park gives voice and is delighted with the scenario that is taking shape before its eyes. Laborde scored his first goal for Stade Rennes.

Good balloon from Santamaria which changes sides towards Sulemana. The Rennes winger transplanted towards the axis and unleashed a vicious strike from the right. Gollini pushes back with a dive but Laborde is well placed to push the ball towards the empty goal !!

Ndombé is very good tonight, without a doubt the better side of Spurs. The Frenchman is not bothered by the ball, and admires his technique with the ball at his feet.

Off-center free kick to the left for Rennes, handled by Bourigeaud. His ball is not worked enough and does not cross the front curtain of Spurs.

Good attack from Rennes, which allows Traoré to shift to the right in a center position. His ball is good towards Sulemana’s header in the box, but his helmet shot goes way too high. Just like Laborde’s attempt on the next action, which heads two meters above Gollini’s crossbar.

Finalist of the last Olympics with Spain, Gil succeeds little this evening. His left unwinding ends in a small prick directly in the gloves of Salin.

The match has lost pace for several minutes, chopped by mistakes and changes.

Free kick for Spurs, obtained at the edge of the Rennes repair area while Aguerd is well behind Emerson. Gil plays the shot very badly, trying to reel directly, but sends his ball well over it.

New tile for Tottenham, while Lucas, affected, will have to give way to Emerson. Kane is also called back to the bench, replaced by the very young Scarlett, 17.

In the process, Tait launches into a huge swing on the left side, and throws his cross towards the near post. Guirassy throws himself in but resumes at the side.

The Rennais are doing very well after a good one-two between Kane and Ndombà © là ©. The international tricolor infiltrates the area in the middle of two Rennes, but pushes his ball too much and allows Salin to intervene!

After a long hiatus following Tait’s tackle, Lucas goes for treatment at the edge of the pitch. The Rennais is doing well, without cardboard.

Tack not at all controlled by Tait, who intervenes from behind on Lucas. The Brazilian writhes in pain.

After a much too timid start, sanctioned by the CSC of Loïc Badà © (12th), Rennes was able to react and considerably move Tottenham. Flavien Tait capsized Roazhon Park by equalizing a beautiful roll (23rd), compensating Bretons much more bleeding until halftime.

Thrown at full speed to the right, Traorà © manages to cross into the box. If Laborde is too short, Sulemana has followed him well at the far post and passes Doherty to regain the lead, but does not target.

Too many largesse left to Kane, who has plenty of time to approach the Rennes area to strike. The attempt of the captain of the Spurs is rejected as he can by Salin of a headline!

Free kick for Tottenham, off center to the right. Gil strikes towards the pack in a dangerous zone, where a Rennes man manages to put his head to return the danger.

Tottenham regains some colors and a little more serenity after a very big period in Brittany. Rennes have to defend against Spurs who circulate well.

Dry by Doherty near the touchline, Truffert remains on the ground for a long time and asks for the intervention of the healers. He will finally be able to resume.

Superb Rennes combination on the left side, with a Truffert positioned very high. His low center is very close to being taken over by Bourigeaud who came to cut into the area.

Bergwijn is injured. The Dutchman saw his ankle turn after contact with Bourigeaud. He won’t be able to continue.

What an atmosphere at Roazhon, where the whole stadium is behind its team. Rennes are here and there now, and finally seem to have done violence against Spurs clearly moved.

The Roazhon Park is in madness while Tait, after a support with Guirassy in front of the surface of the Spurs, takes his chance and rolls perfectly right to find the small net of Gollini!

On the corner, hit on the right by a Bourigeaud pushed by all of Roazhon Park, Laborde is sought at the near post but the plunging head of the recent Rennes recruit is not dangerous.

The Rennais have been pulling their heads out of the water a little for a few minutes. There is more movement on the lawn, and especially envy. Corner to follow.

Guirassy is found resting in front of the surface, and leaves the ball to Bourigeaud. This unleashes a heavy strike from the left which is repelled by Gollini … on Truffert, who cannot knock his head down enough at close range!

Bergwijn is found in the back of the defense on the left, and has plenty of time to swallow the spaces. His small pass towards Kane is a little too deep then, which allows the Rennes block to come back to contain this attack which could have hurt.

The Rennais must quickly pull themselves together and really start their meeting. This goal, certainly unlucky, comes above all to punish their start to the game too passive.

Things heat up between Traore and Bergwijn near the corner post. The two players are head to head before being separated by teammates.

Stupor in Roazhon Park, while the unfortunate Badà © scores against his camp on a yet not very dangerous cross from Lucas on the right. By wanting to intervene, the Rennes defender modifies the trajectory of the ball which overtakes Salin!

Tottenham were not worried about the Rennes pressing, as the whole team fell back very low on the pitch to contain the opposing attacks. The Bretons must free themselves, and more hamper the first English raises.

Bourigeaud sees Guirassy’s in-depth call and launches it towards the area on the right. The Rennes striker wants to get behind him, but no teammate followed.

The Rennais are cautious for the moment and generally leave the possession to their opponents. Opposite, Tottenham did not hesitate to defend high against the loss of the ball.

First acceleration of the English, with a Ndombà © là © all in power and in percussion in the axis. Gil is shifted to the left, but his shot is blocked by Laborde coming back to defend low.

The players enter the field, accompanied by the match’s referee, the Turkish Halis à ?? zkahya. The anthem of the competition sounds, the kick-off is imminent!

“Are you ready to fight?”, Can we read on the enormous tifo deployed in the gallery of Roazhon Park. Which is not full for the occasion, but heated to white to support Rennes.

Jà © rà © my Doku is still absent (left thigh), as is Lovro Majer (hip). Embarrassed in the adductors since the international break, Birger Meling returns to the team at left-back, while Alfred Gomis starts on the bench after a period of quarantine. Unsure, Martin Terrier will not play due to pain behind one knee.

For his part, Nuno Espirito Santo does without Ryan Sessegnon, Heung-min Son, Eric Dier, Cristian Romero, Davinson Sanchez and Giovani Lo Celso.

Bruno Genesio’s men face 7th in the Premier League’s latest edition, which eliminated Portuguese club Paços Ferreira in the play-offs. The Spurs will be able to count on their captain, Harry Kane, holder in point and who has again all his head with Tottenham after an eventful summer, where Manchester City made an assiduous court.

After Lille and Paris draws in the Champions League, Rennes will try to be the first French team to secure European success in this 2021-22 campaign. It will not be easy against Tottenham, the Conference League favorite with AS Roma.

The composition of Tottenham: Gollini – Doherty – Tanganga, Rodon, Davies – Ndombà © là ©, Skipp – Bryan Gil, Lucas Moura, Bergwijn – Kane

The composition of Stade Rennais: Salin – Traorà ©, Aguerd, Badà ©, Truffert – Bourigeaud, Santamaria, Tait, Sulemana – Guirassy, ​​Laborde

Bruno Genesio expects a reaction from his players to compete with the London club: “It’s a great opportunity to show that our non-match is an accident and that we are able to re-mobilize three days later Against a great team, believes Genesio. It’s the opportunity to show a different face, I have thought a lot about the supporters and the property. keep quiet, we owe them a revenge in their attitude. We have to show that we are able to rise to the level of a great team. “

Stade Rennais is not very confident when it comes to meeting Harry Kane’s Spurs. The Bretons remain on two losses in a row in Ligue 1, in Angers (2-0) and against Reims (0-2).

Rennes will have to finish at the head of its group in order to qualify directly for the round of 16. If they finish in 2nd place, Bruno Gà © nà © sio’s players will have to play a round of 16 against a third in the Europa League group.

After winning their play-off against Rosenborg, Stade Rennais qualified for the first edition of the Conference League, UEFA’s new competition. And the Bretons fell in a rather tough group G with Tottenham, the Austrians of Vitesse Arnhem and Mura, the champion of Slovenia.

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