Despite his great discretion about his personal life, artist Renaud has made revelations through his songs. For him, this is a great way to show his love for his son. Malone is said to have cured his father of alcohol addiction.

On the evening of Thursday, August 26, on W9, a documentary called Renaud was broadcast, in the name of the father. Through this program, viewers had the opportunity to discover the secrets of those close to the singer. Better, W9 also exhibited the images. These relate the important moments of his career, in particular his marriage to Romane Serda and the birth of their children.

It has been since the 1980s that the pulmonary emphysema sufferer has conquered the hearts of many French people. His songs have brought a lot of happiness to his fans and so far they still are.

In order to pay tribute to him for his 30-year career, W9 has dedicated an entire documentary to him. It was titled Renaud, in the name of the father and his twin brother took the opportunity to make some important confidences.

David Séchan admits to having a resemblance to the artist as is the case for all twin brothers. However, he says he is different from the author of the title Still Standing. He confides that he was certainly born on the same day as Renaud, but specifies that they are not identical twins. He adds that they are totally different physically and then psychologically.

We can say with certainty that the singer Renaud is very satisfied with his happiness. He is fortunate to be the father of two adorable children. The eldest is called Lolita Séchan and he got it thanks to the love that united her to Dominique Quilichini. The latter experienced the happiness of motherhood in 2011.

The 41-year-old writer has a strong social media presence. She doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing her life with her thousands of Instagram fans. This was precisely the case for the 10th anniversary of his daughter Héloïse. She took the opportunity to post photos with a little birthday message caption.

As for Malone, he has grown a lot. The boy of the singer and his last companion Romane Serda recently celebrated his 15th birthday last July. The little champion has lived with his mother since he was 3 or 4 years old, as Renaud is not so close to him. Aware that he is not too present for him as he should, Renaud apologizes to his son.

Just as a reminder, the sixty-something singer has had some painful moments in his life. For example, he dived into alcohol on several occasions. However, it was thanks to his son that he recovered his healing. It’s something that inspired him to write one of his songs.

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