“I will leave the Republicans”. Renaud Muselier made his decision last night and announced it this Wednesday morning on the LCI channel: he is choosing to leave Les Républicains, the political party in which he spent 35 years of his life. “In the successive debates that have taken place in our political family, there is a real problem concerning our position vis-à-vis the far right,” he said. “I do not divide this family, I remain faithful to what I am,” he said again.

This decision, “the fruit of an important reflection”, comes after a controversy that arose on Tuesday from his decision to support Xavier Bertrand as part of the LR congress, which must nominate the right-wing candidate for 2022.

Indeed, Renaud Muselier had chosen to support the president of the Hauts-de-France region. “I know that by voting Xavier Bertrand, I vote for a man who will never have his hand that trembles in the face of the extreme right”, explained the president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, affirming his will to save his political family in the face of “some of our executives who betray our heritage” by “winking” at Eric Zemmour.

The Chiraquien however took the opportunity to settle accounts with another candidate for congress, in the same interview, the deputy (LR) of the Alpes-Maritimes Éric Ciotti, with whom relations are execrable, and whom he accused of being “The false nose” of the extreme right. Controversy: Ciotti seizes the release of Muselier on Tuesday evening, and asks Xavier Bertrand on Twitter to position himself.

The decision was not long in coming, and Picard responded on the same network that he could not “accept the terms” of Renaud Muselier’s support, deeming his attack on Eric Ciotti “unacceptable”. A difficult decision for Bertrand, who cannot alienate the likely support of a competitor in a race for the LR nomination, the outcome of which is still unknown. This tainted an internal competition which until now had gone without controversy.

Renaud Muselier assured this Wednesday morning that he had warned Xavier Bertrand that he was going to support him in an interview and that the latter had “no problem” for him.

“I am unhappy because this is the end of a great story,” Renaud Muselier insisted on Wednesday, calling his decision to leave LR “irrevocable”. Eric Ciotti, guest of BFMTV at the same time, reacted quickly: “It is a clarification that I welcome, for once he is honest,” he explained to Jean-Jacques Bourdin.

Ref: https://www.leparisien.fr