Solene Gressier

Sat, May 08, 2021 at 6:54 PM

The coronavirus is still raging on French soil. Would Renaud laugh at his gravity if he happened to touch him? “I don’t care, I’m immune. I have thousands of antibodies, “he sang in his song Corona Song, available on his YouTube channel, in which he defends Professor Didier Raoult. This peaceful mind, his daughter Lola Séchan does not share. The writer obviously takes the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously. So, the young woman is in favor of the vaccination campaign against the virus! Moreover, the former wife of Renan Luce would like her illustrious father to be injected with a dose. So much so that Lola Séchan would not hesitate to use the hard way if the singer were to refuse, in particular by “dragging” him, as she told her followers on Instagram, this Friday, May 7.

In her story, Lola Séchan first shared a video of two cats pulling each other forcibly by the skin of the neck to carry it. Then Renaud’s daughter commented: “If my father continues to refuse to be vaccinated, this is how I will take him there.” Thus, the latter suggests that she would take the artist to a vaccination center against her will, and that without shame. But why is Lola Séchan so keen on getting a dose of the vaccine? It must be said that Morgane’s interpreter of you presents risks in the face of the virus, because of her health problems. As Télé-Loisirs recalled, this Saturday, May 8, Renaud was hospitalized three times in just three years, notably for pulmonary emphysema.

If Lola Séchan is so concerned about the health of her father Renaud, it is also to prevent him from going through the same situation as her. Dominique Quilichini’s daughter contracted the virus in March 2020. But it was only last September that the main interested party announced it to people following her on social networks. “Have you had the covid? Are you recovering? ”She called out to them. Before detailing: “I had it in March, returning to confinement, with all the very strong symptoms apart from the respiratory distress, even the weird neurological stuff, I was tested at the end of May, 50% rate of ‘antibody.” Lola Séchan initially “believed that summer would erase fatigue”. In vain. Her doctor eventually told her about a “form of chronic covid.” “Nice this new disease,” she quipped, adding that it was no longer “contagious”.

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