As most businesses adjust to the post-pandemic world, flexible work settings, including working from home, are being viewed as part of their business.

A recent report from the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP ) and PwC Philippines found that 73 percent of the CEO’s 161 respondents see their organization implementing a work-from-home policy even after the pandemic ends.

For Fujitsu Philippines, Inc. requires the warranty proper management and maintenance of IT infrastructures to ensure smooth business operations while employees work remotely.

IT infrastructure management, which relates to the management of essential operational elements, has always been an essential part for companies. These components include servers, networks, data storage, physical and virtual facilities, processes, guidelines, training, security, mobile and virtual functions as well as cloud-based services that make up the IT infrastructure.

In the midst of the In the pandemic, it is even more important for companies to ensure that they can use technology, information and data effectively, efficiently and proactively, said Raul “Cricket” Santiago, President and CEO of Fujitsu Philippines.

It also helps make IT smarter. Make decisions, limit disasters, reduce additional costs caused by unexpected repairs and disruptions, and keep business running smoothly.

“Since the pandemic began, we’ve seen some of our customers change their strategies and business processes reorganize, with a focus on digital business models. While their digital transformation initiatives began years ago, the pandemic has accelerated its acceleration, ”added Santiago. “For our part, we ensure that your IT infrastructures, including their networks and other investments in digital transformation, function smoothly through our InfraCare.”

The InfraCare brand defines the ability of Fujitsu Philippines to provide consistent, high-quality IT Provide infrastructure services for nationwide deployment requirements.

“At Fujitsu, we strive to provide consistent, high-quality IT infrastructure services. With InfraCare we give our customers the freedom to concentrate on their core business. It gives them a single point of contact for quality services and enables them to focus critical resources on their day-to-day business rather than the complexities of managing their IT infrastructure, “said Santiago.

InfraCare services are also tailored to needs tailored to each customer and take into account various factors such as geographic location and IT strategy. They provide integrated infrastructure services for data center, network and mobility, including a focus on implementation. It also includes Fujitsu’s maintenance services for uninterrupted service support.

InfraCare is supported by a team of qualified service staff and relies on Fujitsu’s global know-how, methods, solution innovation and proven flexibility in provisioning the IT infrastructure from consulting to implementation to ongoing management of the services.

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