The children are about to leave school. The days are getting longer. The grills are down in full power.

But today also has to be a time when we need to pause and reflect on the freedoms we enjoy as Americans – the things we too often take for granted, like that Living in a place where we can once again consider taking vacations and enjoying picnics and good weather as harbingers of good days.

That freedom comes at a high price, and today, Memorial Day, is It is time to take into account these costs that have been paid in the lives of people across generations who died struggling to uphold the American ideal.

We live in a country where turbulent politics are the way of the Change is not the barrel of tanks.

Today is a day when there is no need to complain or worry about what divides us as Americans. We are not Democrats or Republicans. We are not conservative or liberal. We are Americans, United, Grateful.

As a nation, we argue about national debt as an unaffordable cost. We wonder if we still have to wear masks and still have to fight for answers on what we need to do to make sure the rule of law works for every citizen.

But the freedom to have these debates is the result the ultimate priceless debt, the sacrifice of life for the preservation of the United States of America.

Millions of young men and women have answered the call to duty to defend the nation, to represent its best interests and ideals, and to those in need everywhere to serve the world on behalf of the nation United States. It’s not just about war. It’s about support. It’s about helping nations and people who need someone to stand up for them.

The point is to answer that call and know exactly that the sacrifice to be paid could be put at risk to fall in the name of the nation while fighting the enemies of freedom around the world.

We remember those who paid this ultimate price today with a sense of honor, dignity and purpose, and strive to live a life worthy of that sacrifice too often made.

Take a moment today. Attend a Memorial Day event in the community, or just say a thank you prayer, or think for a moment what it means when others are ready to lay down their lives for all of us.

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