Thierry Henry found Lionel Messi on Sunday evening during Reims-PSG (0-2). The former French team striker, now a consultant for Ligue 1 broadcaster Amazon Prime Video, played with the Argentinian for three seasons at FC Barcelona (2007-2010). The two men gave each other a nice hug at the end of the meeting which will be remembered as Messi’s first with the PSG jersey.

The entry into play of the six-fold Golden Ball in place of Neymar in the 66th minute of play gave rise to incredible fervor in the stadium. The opposing public stood up and even threw “Messi, Messi, Messi”. Almost never-seen for Thierry Henry.

“When he came back, I had rarely seen that, except with Andrà © s Iniesta (the Barça midfielder was applauded in all Spanish stadiums, especially after offered the world title in 2010, editor’s note), confides the 1998 world champion. The whole stadium chanted his name. even! He passes above all that, he is an extraordinary player. To have been alongside him, he is a fairly simple and humble player but when you give him the ball, he’s pretty disrespectful! “

The Argentinian did not score for his first steps but each of his touches of the ball was accompanied by a thrill. “Leo Messi, he was good, from his first touches he gave the team serenity, confided Mauricio Pochettino after Even though it’s Messi, it’s good for him to start with a win. It was good to hear the audience cheering him on, not just our supporters, but it’s something that Messi conquered. In the group, Leo can radiate an energy, a personality. “