Interesting free kick for the RÃ © mois. Cafaro places the ball at the far post on the head of Abdelhamid, Chavalerin recovers in full surface but stumbles on Maripan!

The second period started like the first. Monaco has their foot on the ball but stumbles on a block that is well in place. But the Monegasques can now see it coming with this goal in advance.

“We wanted to go press them high, but it’s difficult. They play very well, technically too. The goal is frustrating, there is a small error in the marking where we relax. We have a few chances, they have to look for a result, it’s up to us to play liberated. We push them to make bad raises, we have to play on it. “

“We had a good start. There is a bit of waste, but we are well focused, well in place. We have to quickly score the second and try to manage a little.

(On the suspensions of Geubbels and Pellegri) In any case we are unstable, these are game facts, we swept it after the match. The most important thing is to win. “

Effiace, the ASM leads with a goal against the Stade de Reims! But the locals haven’t said their last word and Monaco will have to raise its level to avoid a bad surprise!

After several seconds of thinking and viewing the images, M.Gautier cancels the sentencing! Faes actually seemed to have taken the ball, without touching his opposite.

Faes’ slide tackle in front of Volland is penalized just before the break !! But the referee is currently consulted by the VAR …

Still quite a few hot balloons to negotiate around the remnant surface. Monaco have control of the ball but are unable to find space. Half-time is going to be good for everyone.

First warning for ASM. It is bound for Badiashile, but without consequence since the free kick remembers nothing.

Aguilar tries a cross on his right side. This is countered and ultimately picked up by Rajkovic. The reminder goalkeeper has so far been little used since the start of the meeting.

New attempt by the center-forward last month, Badiashile against! Dia has been in all the good shots at Stade de Reims since the start of the match.

After half an hour of play, possession has leveled off slightly (58% for ASM), as both teams have one shot on target each. The meeting was animated from the goal.

Big contact between Munesti and Disasi. Le Rem gets a yellow card for a dangerous forward footing on his former partner.

And here is the opportunity! Lecomte is vigilant and blocks Dia’s shot with his foot. On the corner, Chavalerin tries a volley that flies into the stands of Delaune.

New opportunity for ASM. Fofana takes his chance, his shot is deflected for a corner. Aguilar finds Disasi, it is stopped by the defense.

What an opportunity again for the young striker! Served to the right of the box, Matazo manages to eliminate Rajkovic but he gets tangled up and fails to conclude!

Thanks to this fine goal from Matazo, Monaco provisionally returns to 3rd place in the championship, one point ahead of Lyon, and one point for PSG, which is playing tonight.

The young Monegasque midfielder progresses quickly in midfield, serves Ben Yedder on the right, who offers him caviar in front of goal! 1-0 for Monaco!

AT?? wanting to revive properly, the Monegasque defense is playing to scare itself. No damage at this time, nor any special occasion to report in this game.

Several elements have already gone to the heat of the ASM side. No sign of a physical glitch has yet been revealed in the ranks of the Red and White.

Volland sends a good ball deep to Ben Yedder. Vigilant, Rajkovic anticipates and goes to bed well.

First opportunity for locals. Well served by Cafaro, Dia tries to make the difference in the Monaco surface but he is regularly stopped. Monaco can breathe.

After 10 minutes of play, AS Monaco have 74% possession of the ball. What does not allow him for the moment to bring a real threat on the goal of Rajkovic.

Well moved by Tchouameni, Henrique tries to combine with Ben Yedder in the box but it is well blocked by the defense which can temporarily avoid the danger.

New Monegasque possession in the RÃ © month camp. Stade de Reims is still doing well but ASM very quickly recovers the ball and continues to settle into the start of the match.

The Monegasque set foot on the ball in these first seconds. Reims recover but the ASM sets up a big pressing and can once again regain possession.

The RÃ © mois kick off the match, ASM has no room for mistakes! Have a good match!

Nîmes won, Strasbourg bowed, the multiplex for the 36th day delivered its verdict! Kick-off imminent in Reims.

During their warm-up, the goalkeepers of the Stade de Reims wear a flocked jersey named after Christophe Revault, a former Le Havre and Parisian goalkeeper who died this week.

Another more anecdotal match will take place in Delaune, the one for the scorers classification. Behind Mbappé (25 goals), Ben Yedder is tied with Depay with 19 goals. The Monaco center forward also has 100 goals in his career in Ligue 1 since his panenka last Sunday.

The Stade de Reims can rely on a Nathanael Mbuku in great shape. The 19-year-old winger is the most decisive of his team in 2021 (3 goals, 1 decisive assist) and remains on goals against OM and Nîmes.

AS Monaco has no other choice but to take the 3 points to come back to OL with two games remaining in the championship. AT?? Note that PSG also have a match to play tonight against Stade Rennais.

The meeting kicks off at 5:05 pm! In the meantime, follow live the end of the multiplex, which is essential in the struggle for maintenance.

Far from the fight for the podium, the Stade de Reims (13th, 42 pts) has the opportunity to validate its maintenance. This would require a victory, even if a draw would undoubtedly allow the RÃ © mois to remain in Ligue 1, since they would be 6 lengths ahead of the play-off with two days remaining.

Nico Kovac’s men have won 9 of their last 10 trips to the league. The only exception: the defeat in Strasbourg at the start of March (1-0). But the Monegasques are coming out of a defeat at home against Lyon (3-2) which undoubtedly deprives them of the title of champion of France.

Deprived of Mopy and Doumbia, the RÃ © mois will want in 4-3-3 with the return of Faes and Konan in defense.

The Monaco attack will be led by the Ben Yedder-Volland pair. AT?? note the tenure of Aguilar in the right winger position.

Nico Kovac will be deprived of Diop, Jovetic, Diatta, injured, while Geubbels and Pellegri are suspended after their exclusion against OL last weekend. AT?? note however the returns of Martins and Golovine.

In the aftermath of OL’s victory over Lorient, AS Monaco had no choice but to win over Delaune. Kick-off of this Reims-Monaco at 17:05.