Valérie Pécresse was the guest of Laurence Ferrari in La Matinale, on CNEWS, this Friday, June 18. The president of the Île-de-France region, candidate for re-election, spoke about the regional elections, the first round of which will be held this Sunday.

The region “is not won in advance,” she warned. Worried about the high abstention rate, she blamed the government, which she said is deliberately seeking “to skip this election, to pass it off as a no-stakes election.” However, “there is a choice of society to be made,” she said.

Valérie Pécresse spoke out against the RSA for young people, which several of her regional opponents want to establish. “I am for the job,” she said. “I offer an income but only for the young people who will go to train in the trades which recruit”. Rather than giving an “emergency income”, she proposed to pay those who will follow “six months of qualifying training in a trade where there is hiring”.

“When I see that the state is withdrawing 500 police and transport gendarmes, because the region has recruited 1,000 private security agents, I say stop. We need the police, they have to come back, ”she said. “The law prevents security guards from carrying out identity checks or escorting offenders off the network.”

But the most important thing today when it comes to transport safety is the sanction, she said. “A pickpocket is 1,000 acts per year. I asked that for repeat pickpockets, there is a ban on appearing in transport “. She also felt that artificial intelligence should be used to recognize delinquents in the subway via CCTV cameras, so that law enforcement agencies are alerted and can intervene before they take action.

“They are unaccompanied minors, most often foreigners,” she said. “We have to be able to change the law and work with the countries of origin to send them back.”

Valérie Pécresse attacked her RN opponent, Jordan Bardella, who “opted for insecurity” in the last term (he was a regional councilor). She denounced her refusal to vote for measures such as the charter of secularism or the “security shield” (a device allowing the financing of the installation of video protection, law enforcement equipment or the securing of public facilities (high schools). ) In the region).

She also criticized the rebellious camp of Jean-Luc Mélenchon for its anti-secular positions. The president of Ile-de-France also pointed to the left and environmentalists for refusing to vote against the ban on the burkini in the region’s leisure centers.

“I have given everything to Ile-de-France for six years, but we have to go much further,” she said. She has announced that she now wants to help justice, which she believes to be the “weak link” by creating a regional agency for community service, to ensure that juvenile offenders can actually perform them. “Currently, it takes 419 days between a judge’s judgment and their execution,” she said indignantly. “Within three months, they have to be done,” she said. She also assured that she wanted to create closed educational centers for French minors.

Asked about the rest of her political career, with the presidential election looming in less than a year, she said “it’s over or else”. I am playing my future this Sunday (June 20) and the one after (June 27).