Participation in free fall. Sunday, June 20 at 5 p.m., 26.72% of voters turned out to vote for the regional and departmental elections. In 2015, during the previous regional events, attendance at the same time amounted to 43.01%. In 2010, it stood at 39.29%. Turnout in the departmental elections of March 2015 was 42.75%, according to figures from the Ministry of the Interior. That year, unlike this year, the departmental and regional events had not been organized on the same day, resulting in two separate participation rates.

A little earlier in the day, at noon, 12.22% of voters had gone to the polling stations, against 16.27% of voters at the same time in 2015, during previous regional ones. The turnout in the departmental elections of March 2015 was 17.97% at noon.

There are many reasons for this weak mobilization. The Ipsos / Sopra Steria surveys for France Télévisions carried out before the election show that voters did not always fully understand the stakes of this double ballot in regional and departmental elections. They also did not have the opportunity to use these interim elections to exercise a sanction vote against the government, since the presidential majority does not rule any region.

The context of the end of the epidemic also plays an important role with French people who do not really have the head in the elections. This is particularly true for the youngest, many of whom are turning to abstention. There is also a growing sense of the politician’s powerlessness to change things. “I do not see the usefulness of the vote in my situation. It does not matter which candidate I vote for, it will not change things,” said Robby, 22 years old.


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