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The journalist hosts the evening of the first round of regional on June 20 at 19.55 on France 3.

For ten years that you present the election evenings, you never tire? It is every time a great moment! Everything happens live. We can see the curves becoming more refined. We change the subject every two minutes, we do a real Tour de France.

Does France 3 have an added value to bring to the territorial elections All local elections are obviously our specialty. At 8 p.m., each voter will know the color of their region. We will alternate reporting from our regional branches and national summaries with Carole Gaessler on set.

Have you ever had any surprises? In the last municipal elections, with the health crisis, abstention had taken away votes from small parties. Sunday, the unknown will still be the turnout. In the second round, there will be more suspense with the carryovers.

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