On her 110th birthday, Eileen Ash reveals the secret of her long life in yoga, red wine and happiness
– Photo credit: Ella Wilkinson

Norfolk’s oldest Eileen Ash celebrated her 110th birthday – and laid the secret of her long life on happiness, red wine and fitness with yoga.

The former spy and international cricketer celebrated her groundbreaking birthday at her home in the nursing home St. John’s House by Castlemeadow Care in Norwich.

Eileen Ash came to Colwall in 1936 for the English women’s cricket team.
– Credit: Submitted

Cards and congratulations poured in from all over the world, and she even received a special Twitter video message from English cricketers, including the men’s team captain Joe Root.

Happy Birthday Eileen Ash. Eileen is celebrating her 110th birthday today and is the world’s oldest living international cricketer. 🎂 Have the best day! pic.twitter.com/8N7SCwM18r

The in-house wellness team made Eileen’s birthday extra special with a handcrafted, personalized cricket bat for her, a professional portrait and a personalized decoration.

Her biggest wish was that her family comes to her on her special day and of course a glass or two of her favorite red wine.

Eileen Ash in her yellow mini at the age of 100.
Photo by Simon Finlay.
– Credit: Archant

Eileen was asked about her day and how she felt to be 110. She replied, “It’s absolutely amazing.

” I was very close to my family and I was very fortunate to have been healthy for so long. “

She was asked if she had a secret about it for so long to live, to which she replied: “Be happy and smile a lot, red wine and stay fit with yoga!”

Former English cricketer Eileen Ash, now 105, attends a yoga class on Tuesdays and drives there in her yellow mini. Photo by Simon Finlay.
– Credit: Archant

Fiona Mawby, the nursing home’s wellness manager, said Eileen likes to start her day with a leisurely break, have breakfast brought to her and then enjoy a walk.

Eileen Ash celebrated her 110th birthday with her roommates at St. John’s Care Home
– Photo credit: Ella Wilkinson

Fiona said: “She always says ‘be happy, be happy’. She loves being around people, I’ve never met anyone like her, she just wakes up happy.

“She had her booster vaccination on October 28th and she even did it with a smile on her face and thumbs up, “said Fiona.

She added,” She’s a party queen who had three parties on this special birthday, she’s a free spirit.

Eileen Ash, 105, with her yellow mini
Eileen is one of 8 people in the UK, aged 105 and still holding a driver’s license (Image: ITV)
– Credit: Archant

She played international cricket for England and is an Honorary Life Member of the Marylebone Cricket Club, who received that honor when she celebrated her 100th birthday.

She was invited in 2017 at the age of 105 to ring the bell at Lord’s Cricket Ground to mark the start of the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup. She returned to Lord’s in 2019 when her portrait was revealed to mark her achievement as the oldest living international cricketer.

Despite being a bowler, Eileen Ash scored a century with the English women’s cricket team.
– Credit: Submitted

Eileen worked for MI6 during World War II and then worked with them for an additional 11 years.

She and her husband moved to Norwich to retire, began playing golf and eventually stopped playing Age 98.

But her exploits were far from over as she passed her driving test at age 105

Then on the occasion of her 106th birthday, she became a flight into a Tiger Moth – Airplane taken.

In November 2018 she opened the Eileen Ash Sports Hall, which was named in her honor at the Hewett Academy in Norwich.

Norwich City finished 12th in the Southern League – top scorer Dick Birchall with eight goals.

The census was taken and one in seven employees was a domestic worker. Suffragette Emily Davison hid in a closet in the crypt of the Palace of Westminster so that she could legally be registered as a resident on the night of the census in the House of Commons.

The first electric escalators were at Earl’s Court underground station in London presented to the public.

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