After the broad victory over Armenia 19-0, the Red Flames did not fall into overconfidence four days later. Aware of what is at stake for this sixth meeting in these qualifiers for the 2023 World Cup, the Belgians of Ives Serneels have been serious and focused.

They especially held their rank against a team of their level like what they had done a year ago almost to the day against Switzerland, winning 4-0 and validating their ticket for the Euro in England after their defeat in Switzerland. This time, the qualification is not (yet?) Acquired but the victory allows the Belgians to regain their second place in the wake of an almost untouchable Norway in the lead and to keep a minimum of interest in this group F.

In this almost decisive game (there are still four games left including Norway’s reception in September) to ensure a play-offs a year from now, Belgium let Poland take the lead. Much more aggressive in the duels, the Poles took possession of the ball on their own before the Belgian block gained the upper hand little by little.

And this is where Belgium managed to regain control in this match: thanks to its collective. With an intractable defense, and an imperial Evrard on its only three interventions, the group quickly restarted its transitions and forward combinations by surprising the defenders of Poland several times with judicious calls behind their backs like Biesmans on the goal of Eurlings in particular. With a smoother game, the Red Flames gained the upper hand over a more aggressive team which only had a few highlights without ever worrying the Belgian fans.

With this new victory, the sixth of the year in twelve matches, Belgium ended 2021 on a very good note, almost throwing the division in Poland into oblivion in the inaugural match of this qualifying campaign.

Before their city trip to the Balkans in April for the 7th and 8th qualifying matches, the Flames will meet in February. The group must normally follow an internship in Spain. Both the location and the name of the opponents have yet to be confirmed.

The OHL defender has definitely become the patron saint of the Red Flames. Arriving since this year in selection, the Limburgoise has proven to be imperial. Strong head, well placed, clean raises: it prevented Poland from worrying Evrard.

The Brugeoise had a fifth start in a row, she who was used to playing the understudy of Laura Deloose, the Anderlecht player. Author of several assists against Armenia, Jody once again distinguished herself by surveying her flank, cutting off Polish offensive tendencies and bringing her presence into the offensive animation. She has more than taken her place in the black-yellow-red base eleven.

Confirmed in the base 11 after her very good game against Armenia, Hannah Eurlings once again brought all of her technique, vision, speed and opportunism to this important game. His presence in the offensive animation proved to be formidable again. Sometimes wandered around the opposing defense, sometimes playing it too personal at times.

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