Florentino Perez could find himself in turmoil in the coming hours. The Spanish newspaper El Confidencial broadcasts this Tuesday of the tunes dated 2006 of the current president of Real Madrid in which he roughly attacks two legends of the club , Iker Casillas and Raul. At the material time, Perez was no longer president of the club after resigning from his post a few weeks earlier, in February 2006 (he had been read in 2000).

“Casillas is not a Real Madrid goalkeeper, what do you want me to tell you ?, he says to his interlocutor. He is not. He never has been. “That was our big failure. What happens is you have the ones who worship him, they want him, they talk to him, I don’t know. They defend him so much.” .. Well this is one of the big scams and the second is Raul. The two big scams in Madrid are Raul first and Casillas second. “

At the time, Raul was still a player at the club where he played from 1994 to 2010, before his departure from Schalke 04. Iker Casillas wore the jersey of the first team from 1999 to 2015 before leaving for FC Porto in 2015 (until 2019, after being the victim of a heart attack) .

Perez continues his cheek on the great difficulty in bonding with the players. “The players are very selfish, you can’t count on them at all and whoever is counting on them is wrong, they let you down, that’s bullshit, he says. . I have a horrible conception of players. “

The words held by Perez are also collected in the book ‘Asalto al Real Madrid’, by Josà © Antonio Abellán. According to ‘El Confidencial’, Perez is “particularly cruel to Raul, the club’s second-best scorer and the footballer who most often wore the white jersey. He accuses him of ‘destroying’ him. Madrid and blames him for being one of the reasons he stepped down from the presidency in 2006. “

In Perez’s first term, however, Real won a Champions League (in 2002) and two Spanish league titles (2003 and 2007) with Raul and Casillas. Perez then took over the club in 2009 and was re-elected last April. Raul has returned to the club where he currently coaches Castilla. He notably won the Youth League in 2020. His name was even mentioned among the potential replacements for Zinédine Zidane after his departure. Carlo Ancelotti was ultimately chosen for the post.

Ref: https://rmcsport.bfmtv.com