“It is true that the goal is incredible, confides Zinedine Zidane at the microphone of RMC Sport about the magnificent sequence of Karim Benzema. In addition, we prepared it. , so it was good to score like that on a set piece. He doesn’t even do a chest check, because he is head and neck. In general, when you do a head check, the ball tends to go off. But with him, no. The ball stays on him. Afterwards, he makes an incredible volley . We know that Karim is on a cloud at the moment. He does us good. He does not surprise me, but every time he does better. We are happy to have him with us. “

“It’s true that the first half was a bit complicated (laughs). We were much better in the second half, we controlled it a bit better The first one, it’s true they got off to a great start. They’re good, very fast. In the end, I think that’s fine. ?? is a fair result. We wanted to press, but when we do not come out well, it is very difficult. That is what happened during the First 25 minutes, until our goal. Then, and in the second half, we were better. We had more control. We are alive, we will play the second game We are happy with what we did in general (â ?? ¦) There is an opponent too. good team, very competitive If they made it to the semi-finals, that’s for something. It was hotly contested . “

Man of the match Kanté at BT Sport: “We are happy with the result. We knew it was a great team in front. We wanted a good result to have the home advantage 1-1 is a fair result We had some missed chances We have to see the glass half full We could score more but we were able to create ourselves chances and that’s the most important. It’s possible to reach the final, but we have to put in a lot of effort. “

Varane at Movistar’s microphone: “We saw almost two games, between the first half and the second. They started well with a lot of pressure and intensity. Their pressing was good. They got off to a good start. knew how to break our first line and play very vertically. There was a lot of danger at the start. “

“Thanks to Karim [Benzema’s goal, we were able to get into the game, control better, and play at our own pace. The second half was better. find those spaces to play more direct You have to learn from this start of the match, for the return. Karim’s goal was decisive, it changed the dynamics of the match. We know its quality . It has helped us a lot “.

“At this level of the competition, the physical is very important, but the mental too. We will go there to win. We will have to have the ambition to want to play in their camp and high.”

“We deserved to win the first half, explained Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea coach. We had a very strong first period, with big chances. We took a goal from a set piece. In the second half, we felt we were tired. We had two away games with only two days in between. We have suffered from the last few weeks. We should have had one more day to recover. The second period was balanced, without opportunity on both sides. “

“You can’t be angry, but disappointed. When you have so many chances, it’s a shame. If you have the chance to lead 2-0 or 3 -0, that’s a fantastic start. If you don’t, it’s really hard not to lose confidence. Then we conceded a goal. We reacted well then. Now we will have four days off. We will try to win the second leg. We expect the same match. “

Hazard asked at BT Sport’s microphone that Real Madrid are doing well: “The score could have been worse. There is the return leg left, we have to think about the game against Osasuna this weekend and then go there down to win. I don’t have to skip steps. Of course I want to be on the pitch. There are still games to be played by the end of the season, so I want to be ready for those. -I’m just happy to be able to play again “.

Marcelo at the Movistar microphone: “We started with an idea, but we weren’t able to apply it during the first twenty minutes. Once we started doing what we wanted, it was totally different. (…) We did not choose the pace of the match, but we have to adapt. Benzema? We are very happy that he scored ©, but you have to keep your head on your shoulders. Now, we will rest a little, but the return match will be different “.

In a fairly early and close match, not always spectacular, Chelsea and Real Madrid separate without a winner. 1-1 for this semi-final first leg after goals from Pulisic and Benzema. Thomas Tuchel’s players showed good things and a lot of strength, but did not resist Karim Benzema. Anything will be possible in the second leg next Wednesday at Stamford Bridge.

The savior of Madrid (once again) this evening gives way to Rodrygo for the last seconds of the three minutes of added time allowed.

Big contact between Odriozola and the German, along the touchline. Kantà © seemed to run alone towards the ball, but the referee whistles the fault … and gives a card to Madrid. Rüdiger stayed on the ground for a long time and the Blues’ medical staff had to intervene.

The French defender is forgotten at the penalty spot and places his head … which does not find the frame, much to the dismay of Sergio Ramos in the stands.

The football night continues after Real-Chelsea on RMC and RMC Sport with all the post-match reactions, debates, analyzes and the latest news!

The German won in front of Odriozola after a good pass found by Hazard. Mendy isn’t worried.

Chelsea are always a little more domineering and seem to be the team most capable of making a difference tonight, but without daring to take the risk to do so. In short, there is still not much happening.

Ziyech rolls the ball over the wall, but his shot is too axial. Courtois can recover the ball in two steps, without shaking. That’s at least 1 shot on target in this half.

Benzema attempts a volley that he cannot fully control and adjust. The Blues can revive.

Statistics since the resumption of play: 3 shots (2 for Chelsea, 1 for Real), including … 0 on target. Here is .

Rüdiger is falling from the center but hampered by a defender. The ball returns to Ziyech who strikes a lob … Courtois is not trapped and grabs the ball.

The young German can only see the ball pass in front of him and in front of the goal, without being able to take it back. Chelsea had a great opportunity and did not take advantage of it …

Varane gets on the path and impeccably against the ball. But Chelsea remain on board the Madrid repair area.

On the Chelsea side, Thomas Tuchel tries a game of poker with the entries of Ziyech, Havertz and James in place of Azpilicueta, Werner and Pulisic.

The Brazilian side-winger is guilty of a foul enough to prevent the Blues from relaunching quickly. Yellow card again against a Madrid player.

His ball lacks precision and cannot be picked up by Benzema. Goal kick for Mendy.

Kantà © resists at first against the German before losing the ball … on a second fault. Eccentric free kick ahead for the Blues.

We are in a weak time at the Di-Stefano stadium, with two teams which put the game and their foot on the ball and no longer find their attackers.

Very precious and clean intervention of Thiago Silva to intercept the opening of the Croatian. Chilwell then swings in touch, which does not please Tuchel.

Thomas Tuchel’s players have returned better from the locker room and are waiting to find a loophole in Real Madrid’s block.

Shifted by Vinicius, the French suddenly transplanted into the axis before trying to find the opposite skylight. The ball bounces lightly before it is hit and goes up into the air.

On a very rapid loss of ball from the Merengues, Kantà © gives his attacker … who turns around while controlling, loses a little time, allows his vis-à-vis to come back on him and strikes. His shot is blocked …

Which team will gain the upper hand in this half to put themselves in a favorable position ahead of the second leg? Everything remains open with this score of 1-1 for the hour.

No additional time for this first period. The Blues started off strong, taking control of the game and pushing ahead thanks to Pulisic. But opposite, Real Madrid have Benzema. The Frenchman managed to revive his team on his own and maintain full suspense for the second half.

The Madrilenians have regained their offensive impetus since the equalizer and are throwing themselves much faster, even if the weather does not favor precise ball transmissions. A few balls are still spinning in touch instead of finding the wanted player.

The Frenchman was the only one able to revive his team, totally behind at the start of the meeting. He did it with a sumptuous sequence to be seen again on RMC Sport! Madrid join Raul among the top scorers in the competition.

The American is trying by all means to stop Marcelo, who withstands the first charge well. Pulisic’s tackle from behind was eventually sanctioned with a yellow card by the referee.

Varane’s back lives on the defender’s attempt. It will be a new corner in favor of the Blues.

The first ball cleared by the Madrid defense. On the second, Werner is too short and fails to put the lead. Maybe a Giroud was needed on this ball? …

AT?? Entering the box, the German midfielder did not hesitate to attempt a coiled shot. His ball lacks effect and passes close to the goal.

>>> Find Pulisic’s goal to open the scoring in this semi-final by perfectly dribbling Courtois.

On a two-player corner, the ball is sent to the far post and returned to the header. The Chelsea defense pushes through, Benzema controls and lifts the ball for an unstoppable volley. 1-1!

AT?? note that it is a London weather on the lawn of Real Madrid, with torrential waters that fall constantly. Chelsea take advantage, it makes sense.

The attacker will take the ball in the feet of Pulisic and board everything in the process. The move was dangerous, the referee issued a warning without hesitation.

The ball came close to Courtois ‘goal on this attempt from inside the Blues’ piston foot. Real Madrid are past in the game.

BENZEMA VERY CLOSE TO SAVING MADRID! AT?? alone, the Frenchman tries to make the difference by dribbling the opposing defense before lighting up at a little over 20 meters. Mendy is too short, but the ball hits the outgoing post. What a strike from the French!

For the record, Christian Pulisic became the first American scorer in the semi-finals of a Champions League … among 5 in the direct elimination phase. We let you look for the 4 that accompany it.

The German’s ball is slightly deflected, Mendy is attentive and recovers the ball without any problem. For the moment, the former Rennais has not been frankly solicited.

Rüdiger is wanted but Varane intervenes in front of the German and relieves his team. But Madrid are still suffering in addition to chasing the score …

On a direct raise from Rüdiger, Pulisic took the necessary depth … before taking his time. Without a solution in front of him, he prefers to wait for Courtois, dribble past the goalkeeper and finish with a well-placed shot! It makes sense for the Blues who walk past.

On a nice fluid action of the Blues, with a small bonus heel from Kantà ©, the ball goes to the left side. The London full-back crosses a strong center … and Nacho pushes back for a corner, arms glued to his back.

What a failure for Werner! Mount accelerates on the counter-attack and finds Pulisic on a strangely blocked strike. The American then gives back to Werner, forgotten full axis. His volley goes straight to the Real keeper … What an opportunity for Chelsea!

The Brazilian does not allow himself to be caught by the striker’s body feints and his off-center strike. Mendy then grabs the ball.

We can expect the famous first leg, very tactical, polite way of saying that no one is taking the slightest risk. The shots will be delayed.

Pulisic is a bit too short to take the ball back and has to extend it to Werner. This first is finally looking for a free partner at the opposite post. But Chelsea ultimately did not find a striking position.

Zidane’s players put their foot on the ball and pass it around the defense, patiently.

It is the Madrilenians who start the meeting at home and this semi-final first leg which promises a … close and closed confrontation.

The French striker of the Blues is the most efficient in C1 with a goal scored every … 43 minutes this season! But since his goal against Atlà © tico in the round of 16, Olivier Giroud has not had the confidence of Tuchel: 26 minutes in total against Porto … and 104 in total, all competitions combined. Crumbs.

Roberto Carlos, Real Madrid ambassador, on the microphone of RMC Sport before the match about Zidane: “I am impressed with what he does. He is the number 1 coach. He is very serious. He has a special connection with the Champions League. He knows very well how to prepare for big competitions. “

The two teams are preparing on the lawn of the Alfredo-di-Stefano stadium. The meeting kicks off at 9 p.m. sharp!

In Champions Zone on RMC Sport 1, our consultant Federico Balzaretti commented on Zinedine Zidane’s adaptability.

Zidane seems to have chosen to start in 5-3-2, with Nacho in central defense to accompany Varane and Milità £ o. Asensio is on the bench. On Chelsea’s side, Tuchel seems to have also chosen a five-defensive system, with the tenure of Christensen. AT?? unless the latter evolves a notch higher, alongside Jorginho and Kantà ©. In attack, Olivier Giroud is, unsurprisingly, a replacement.

Real Madrid: Courtois – Carvajal, Varane, Militao, Nacho, Marcelo – ModriÄ ??, Casemiro, Kroos – Benzema, Vinicius.

Champions Zone took to the air on RMC Sport 1, to bring you this first great evening of the Champions League semi-final. The keys to the match that will be analyzed in the program: the difficulties of relaunching Chelsea, the exceptional quality of the London defense, the adjustment of Real against quick attacks, the block compact of the Blues and the Madrid supremacy in the middle.

The starting lines of the two teams will not be long. As a reminder, only Mateo Kovacic, injured in a thigh, is absent from Chelsea.

The infirmary is much more crowded among Madrilenians. Ferland Mendy (calf), Sergio Ramos (calf), Fede Valverde (coronavirus) and Lucas Vazquez (knee) are missing.

Dutchman Danny Makkelie will be in charge of this match. It was he who was called in by UEFA to replace at short notice the Romanian quartet of PSG-Basaksehir interrupted during the group stage. He was also the one in charge of Serbia-Portugal in which Cristiano Ronaldo was denied a perfectly valid goal. AT?? Because of this error, the referee had announced to his offending linesman that he would not take him to the Euro.

Tonight, Danny Makkelie will be particularly watched by the Madrid press, which is worried about a severe arbitration in retaliation for Real’s involvement in the Super League .

â ?? º Chelsea are the opponents Real Madrid have faced the most in all competitions without ever winning in their history, failing three times (one draw, two losses).

â ?? º Chelsea have lost just one of their seven previous Champions League semi-final first leg matches (two wins, four draws). It was against Monaco (1-3) in 2003-2004. The first leg of their six other semi-finals only produced four goals (three for Chelsea, one for the opponents).

â ?? º Thomas Tuchel has faced Real Madrid more in the Champions League without ever losing (four games, one win, three draws) than any other opponent.

â ?? º Ã ?? douard Mendy has conceded just two goals in nine Champions League games. The record after 10 games is two goals conceded. It was drawn up by Keylor Navas, between 2014 and 2016 with Real Madrid.

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The Champions League continues on RMC Sport with the first semi-final starting at 9 p.m. and a choice poster: Chelsea, winner in 2012, face the ogre of the competition. Real Madrid have won 4 of the last 7 editions and still intend to go to the end of their favorite competition. Can the Blues upset them on the road to the final?

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