Despite the Covid-19 crisis, the Champions League will still serve as a gold mine for European clubs this year. As Spanish media Marca explains, pressure from the Super League has forced UEFA to be even more generous in this new edition. From the group stage, the participating teams will pocket 2.8 million euros for each victory and 930,000 euros for each draw.

The mere presence of a team in the group stage already gives them 15.64 million euros in winnings. A place in the round of 16 is worth 9.6 million, a place in the quarter-finals 10.6 million, a place in the semi-final 12.5 million and a place in the final 15.5 million. The winner of the competition will receive an additional 4.5 million euros, pushing his total prize pool to 85.1 million euros, more than the 82.5 million won by Chelsea last year.

In addition to these colossal sums, there are bonuses linked to the TV rights market and the UEFA coefficient, something which is important. In this game, UEFA will distribute 600.6 million between the clubs according to their sporting merits from the past seasons and their rank in the UEFA rankings. Real Madrid, at the top of the table, will therefore start the Champions League with 51.4 million euros in their coffers. Bayern Munich will take home 50.3 million euros, slightly more than FC Barcelona’s 49.2 million.

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