A week after the Super League fiasco, Real Madrid are attacking the Champions League semi-finals this Tuesday against Chelsea (from 9pm on RMC Sport 1). If the Madrid club seemed slightly favored against the protected Thomas Tuchel, the role played by Florentino Perez in the sling against UEFA could have consequences © frequencies on the athlete. Asked about this during his visit to a press conference on Monday, Zinédine Zidane refuses to believe it. Ditto for possible sanctions in the medium term.

“It is absurd to think that we will not be in the Champions League next year. That says it all, said the French technician on the eve of the first leg against the Blues. talks a lot, whether we’ll be there next year … What to do is watch Tuesday’s game. Since we don’t control it (this decision), that will speak a lot. My opinion is that we want to see Real Madrid in the next Champions League. “

Relaunched several times by the Spanish media about a potential unfavorable arbitration, Zinédine Zidane finally cracked on a last question, this time asked by a journalist French.

“I believe in what we’re going to do on the field on Tuesday anyway. Point. The referee is going to do the same thing, got annoyed. Former French team playmaker I said it in Spanish, I’ll say it more clearly in French: the referee will do his job and we are going to do our job in the field. That’s all that matters to us. The rest, in fact, we’re never going to control it. It’s no use for me to give my opinion. Like everyone else speaks and gives his opinion, that will not change anything at all. What will change, is what we are going to do on the ground and to say that each one is going to do his job. ??? we do ours. The most important thing is to do our job on the ground. We are not interested in the rest. Gracias. “

Dutch referee Danny Makkelie will officiate this Tuesday during the clash between the Merengue team and Chelsea. But take comfort in plotters fearing revenge from UEFA, the Blues have also been part of the Super League and the Champions League sling.

In a smaller role than Florentino Perez, certainly, but it seems inconceivable to see any impact on this semi-final to go.

Ref: https://rmcsport.bfmtv.com