The RCT receives the UBB this afternoon. A key meeting at the end of the season where there is a lot of tension. Evidenced by this altercation between Jefferson Poirot and Baptiste Serin.

The meeting between Rugby Club Toulonnais and Union Bordeaux-Bègles is very tense. Indeed, two issues lie in this opposition. First for Toulon, it is a question of not being left behind in the race to the dams and of having one’s destiny in hand during the last day. Paris having won yesterday, the RCT must absolutely take at least four points. For UBB, the objective is clear: to snatch its direct ticket for the semi-finals. In the first period, small clashes occurred after a big clearance by Jean-Baptiste Gros. Following this, the two captains were summoned, Baptiste Serin and Jefferson Poirot. The two former teammates warmly exchanged a few words. Extract below:

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