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After a worrying first period, Racing raised their heads too late in the last twenty minutes against Valence-Romans (14-18). An alert for the moment of no consequence.

Three months have passed. Since May 21, against a certain Bourg-en-Bresse at home in a match that counted for butter and before the final stages that we will not forget. Three months later, therefore, yesterday, the RCN found its Sports Park, its loyal supporters for its last preparation match before its big plunge in less than a week, Friday, against Mont-de-Marsan (7:30 p.m. ). We are no more reassured this morning after this final rehearsal. An RCN which alternated night and day. At night during the day. Day at night, from the Park.

Narbonne, spectator on this hesitant start, in trouble and in lack of balls, borrowed at times, offers the first points to the formation of National (0-3, 9th). Wingers Kimami Sitauti and Savenaca Totovosau light the first fuse to the front at five meters …

Lost touches, poorly adjusted passes, this last game of the offseason is a mess. Audois are absent from the debates. Valence-Romans continues. And when the RCN raises, there is always that approximation, like a ball returned by Sitauti. Penalized for the fifth time in a row in 25 minutes, Racing showed clumsiness and haste in what they undertook (0-6, 26th).

Enthusiastic, playful, the VRDR does what Racing does not: it plays, advances, passes and scores the first try, implacably logical by Vargas (0-11, 35 ‘). The ex-resident of Pro D2 gives a rugby lesson at RCN.

Without Louis-Benoit Madaule, released just before the break on yellow card (high tackle), the RCN drinks the chalice to the dregs with this new soporific attack and an interception signed Dupas (0-18), symbol of these first forty destitute minutes. Even worrying. Nothing, nothing, there is nothing to keep of these apart, perhaps, the general reassembly of the suspenders in the locker room or, it seems, “we pulled ourselves well in the paws” .

In the second half, with Abescat and Caffo in the third row, Nova in the scrum, Pialot in the opening, Goutard in the back, there are better intentions, though. Progress. Percussion, like the right pillar Mohamed Boughanmi, author of a beautiful entry. Also, at the post of left pillar, the usual “right-handed” Matthieu Loudet and Théo Castinel replaced Abadie.

All this still lacks conviction. It takes a big attack and the speed of entry-level Goutard to get up to speed in the VRDR defense. Nawaqatabu and Sitauti arrive to the rescue and it’s the test of revolt (7-18, 60th). Abescat smells the right shot on the wing, and it’s Bill Caffo’s turn to score the second try (14-18, 65 ‘). A Racing with two faces, which could have won in this melee won under the posts of Valencia in the final minutes, but which above all lost, yesterday, its last preparation match. An alert without consequence which should not turn into a red alert, Friday, against Mont-de-Marsan.

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