The legendary president of RC Lens Gervais Martel welcomed the very severe sanctions that the leaders of the club are preparing to take against those who made mistakes during the derby.

It seems that the trade bans that the leaders of RC Lens will pronounce against those who entered Bollaert’s lawn during the derby have made the heads of sections cringe. The latter, who already undergo the closed session imposed by the League, would certainly have preferred that the club did nothing. But Gervais Martel, legendary President of Racing from 1988 to 2017 (less 2012-13), congratulates Arnaud Pouille and the other Artesian decision-makers.

“It was a good decision for Lens,” he told France Inter. We are among the mad. Just because someone messed up doesn’t mean you have to answer and get out there. It’s just impossible. The field is sacred, it is the integrity of the players and the tool. No one has the right to enter any land. It saddens me a lot because football is not that. We give a bad image of our sport. Football is fun, going to matches with friends, having a good time, taking the kids. Today there are a few morons who think they are Rambo, who want to do battle with the opposing team. But these are not supporters. I know the Lens public well, there are exceptional people. Sanctioning troublemakers will allow true supporters to live out their passion in peace and police them. Everyone has to get back on the right track. The clubs pay the costs of the police, which are extremely important. We must not believe that the leaders do nothing. “

The legendary president of RC Lens Gervais Martel agrees with Arnaud Pouille and Joseph Oughourlian, who will punish one by one the supporters who entered the lawn of Bollaert during the sulphurous derby last Saturday.

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