File closed. According to information from the Parisian, the investigation for “rapes” targeting Patrick Poivre d´Arvor has just been closed. The Nanterre public prosecutor’s office considers that the complaint of the writer Florence Porcel is “insufficiently characterized”, the others “prescribed”. Eight women in total had filed a complaint for “rape”, “sexual assault” or “sexual harassment” against the former star of the “20 Hours” of TF1.

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The case arose after writer Florence Porcel filed a complaint on February 15. She reportedly told the police that in April 2009, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor forced her to perform oral sex without protection, by force, during a visit to her office, on the premises of the production company A Prime Group, in Boulogne-Billancourt. She also reportedly claimed that four years earlier, the famous journalist and novelist, now 73, abused her after allowing her to attend the evening paper backstage. She was then 21, recovering from a brain tumor and still a virgin, while PPDA was 36 years older. The newspaper Le Monde had also collected a dozen testimonies, posted online on March 15, reporting “abuse of a dominant position” on the part of Patrick Poivre d´Arvor over the years.

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The former presenter of the TF1 newscast, who has always denied these accusations, was heard by the Brigade for the Repression of Personal Delinquency (BRDP) of the Paris judicial police at the end of May. For his part, he filed a complaint for “slanderous denunciation” against Florence Porcel. According to Le Parisien, on this occasion, PPDA sent investigators photocopies of some exchanges between its accuser and Martine P., another novelist. In them, the two women spoke bluntly about their dream of having sex with the journalist. However, in other posts, they mentioned his inappropriate behavior.