According to SportWitness via the Italian outlet Il BiancoNero, Aaron Ramsey is aware that his time at Juventus will be over this summer and is “open to goodbye”, but only if it is a return to Arsenal …

Il BiancoNero reports that Juventus “is working” to find a solution that “makes everyone happy”. The ace was signed through the summer of 2023 but there is no hope that this deal will end.

It is detailed that Ramsey is “inclined” to play in the Premier League again, with Everton actually made a “serious and intriguing” offer to the central midfielder, but it’s still not enough.

Ramsey will reportedly only accept an immediate exit from the Bianconeri if it is a return to Arsenal, to which he came at the age of 17 and has spent 11 happy years with.

Aaron Ramsey is expected to leave Juventus as the free money transfer didn’t really work.

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A return for the Welshman would certainly be fascinating, but it remains to be seen if the club would be open to it as it is only less than two years after Ramsey received a free transfer.

Ramsey would too will be led by former teammate Mikel Arteta if he returned to North London, which would be very interesting to see.

The 30-year-old has only played 33 of his 65 games since joining the Old Lady. The talented midfielder was handicapped by injury issues and unflattering form.

Some injury issues earlier this season unfortunately made it impossible for Ramsey to fight back after a difficult debut campaign as the chance to impress Andrea Pirlo early in his tenure, passed.

A month ago, Arsenal legend Michael Thomas gave us his verdict on Ramsey’s re-signing …