Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey (left) spoke ahead of her team’s week 16 showdown on Jan.

Sunday, December 26th, marks a day that Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson has been waiting for all season.

Jefferson, who will be broadcast live on the All Things podcast in August Covered performed at training camp, announced he circled the Vikings matchup with the Los Angeles Rams in Week 16.

This week, Jefferson announced that he literally circled the game in red ink and reiterated his reason: against perennial Pro Bowl cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

“I’m excited,” Jefferson said at a press conference on December 23rd. “I feel like I’ve lived for these moments since I was a kid, just going up against these top guys. I’m a natural competitor … It’s a statement game for me as I see myself as one of the top receivers in the league and consolidate myself. Definitely ready for it. ”Ramsey addressed Jefferson’s excitement for the game this Sunday, both preseason and this week, claiming he was taking the Vikings recipient’s comments not as a clue but as a sign of the Respect.

During the preseason, Ramsey heard of Jefferson’s anticipation for their teams’ matchup in the late season and shook off the hype for a matchup that was four months in advance.

“Recipients got me from Justin Jefferson’s comments is how he circled our game … So I went and checked it out and saw it. It is what is. I feel like the media is blowing things out of proportion. I think he said it out of a competitive spirit. I don’t look too much at that. “Ramsey said according to the Turf Show Times. We’ll see him when we see him. I think we have a lot more games before we play them so I’m not worried about that. “

In a conversation with the media in Los Angeles on Friday, December 24th, Ramsey maintained a similarly casual attitude towards Jefferson, but he already acknowledged the 22-year-old receiver to be one of the best receivers in the league / p> “He’s an extreme competitor. He wants to prove he’s one of the best in the league. He showed me respect by calling me one of the best in the league. We all know how these matchups go – sometimes get you, sometimes not, “said Ramsey, as it is unclear whether Ramsey will join Jefferson on Sunday.” I also live for (these matchups). I haven’t circled that date. I try to play every game equally and respect it the game.

“(Jefferson) is a damn g A good soccer player and regardless of our matchup, he’s already one of the best in the league. I have a lot of respect for him, but we definitely won’t make it. ”

Ramsey is currently the second best cornerback to have played at least 50% of the defensive snaps from Pro Football Focus (PFF), with a defensive rating of 83.9 who entered the game on Sunday. Jefferson is PFF’s third highest rated receiver and has an offensive rating of 89.8.

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Along with an evidential matchup with Ramsey patrolling Rams secondary, Jefferson, who won his second Pro Bowl last week, has Gained appearance, increased motivation to surpass his long-time mentor.

LSU colleague Odell Beckham Jr., who was fired from the Cleveland Browns and signed to the Rams in November, becomes Jefferson with the Vikings receiver face to break his record for most receiving yards by a player in the first two seasons.

Jefferson, who set a modern NFL rookie record of 1,400 yards last season, is 21 yards behind, to beat Beckham’s 2,755 yards in his first two seasons. Jefferson currently has 1,335 yards in 15 games this season, just behind the NFL-leading 1,625 yards from Rams recipient Cooper Kupp.

Beckham and Jefferson have been friends since Beckham played with Jefferson’s older brother Jordan, the while Beckham’s freshman was quarterback at LSU. “Need 21 yards,” Jefferson said as he neared the best two-year start of a receiver in NFL history. “I’ve definitely kept an eye on that.”