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CEBU CITY – With the change of leadership in the town hall, some workers

Mayor Michael Rama, who became full mayor after Edgardo Labella’s death, said some workers may have to leave based on their performance assessment.

“I will repeat what I said earlier , With due respect to our late Mayor, I will not turn things around here in the town hall. But the month-long assessment of all employees’ performance continues, “said Rama.

Rama added that” Employees who are passionate about their work and who have made the City Hall efficient shouldn’t worry. “

While some employees were hired by the late Labella, Rama emphasized that he has his own people “who have my trust to oversee, coordinate, collaborate and work with our 27 departments”.

” They will provide me with a feedback mechanism on the state of governance and guide me in running our city, “he said.

Rama said contract workers and contract workers shouldn’t expect them all to be renewed in January. </ Rama said by assuming that it was quite normal for some City Hall officials to leave, especially those who are co-terminus or have been appointed by Labella.

“We will do that. As announced by DILG (Ministry of the Interior and Local Government), this is done automatically. I won’t be the one to interpret lest I get misinterpreted, “said Rama.

Rama became the city’s new mayor after Labella died of septic shock from pneumonia in a private hospital last Friday morning was.

Dondon Hontivero’s first councilor took the oath as the city’s new vice mayor, while Jocelyn Pesquera took the place vacated by the former on the council.