The toll is heavy this Wednesday in the south of France, the day after torrential rains. Seven people died, five of them in Hérault alone, facing a roughly rough sea, we learned from firefighters and gendarmes.

In Hérault, the victims, aged between 64 and 73, had gone to bathe on the beaches of Grande-Motte, Agde, Marseillan, Serignan and Vias, says the Dépêche du Midi. In all, rescuers intervened for twelve drownings. Seven rescues also took place, detailed the rescue. This department was still placed on Wednesday orange alert for storms, rains and floods.

In the Bouches-du-Rhône, a 58-year-old man died in Cassis and another 71 in La Ciotat, firefighters confirmed after initial information from La Provence, highlighting a “roller phenomenon”.

“The weather conditions with the warm sea, large waves that look playful and blown by the wind, coupled with the absence of rain lead to high frequentation of the beaches but do not avoid the danger linked to the under currents. sailors along the coast that we cannot see, ”explained the Hérault firefighters in a message to the press, warning that the weather will be the same on Thursday.

“I cannot understand how people got in the water when the seas were rough. It’s a dramatic day for our region ”, reacted the mayor of Vias, Jordan Dartier.

🔴 # Intervention || The #SapeursPompiers de l ‘# Hérault are mobilized Commune of Marseillan, Sérignan-Plage and @AgdeOfficiel for the beginnings of drowning or drowning The rough sea makes water activities dangerous ⚠️ Avoid swimming #Houle #Vagues #InfoFlash pic.twitter. com / AfW5xoVTXW

“The rough seas make water sports dangerous. Avoid swimming,” the Hérault firefighters warned on Twitter. The department, like seven others in the south of France, is on orange alert on Wednesday for risk of thunderstorms and rain-flooding.

“What you don’t see are the underwater currents which are important and dragging both to the bottom and to the sea. The water is hot, we think we are going to have fun and quickly we are pulled out to sea and to the bottom and we are exhausted trying to come back, this is what causes drowning or the beginning of drowning ” , testified on LCI Aurélien Manenc, lieutenant-colonel of the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS) of the department.