It’s over! Racing won 23-10 against La Rochelle using forceps and won their second straight victory. Contrary to the Rochelais who still have not known the victory in this new season of Top 14! The Racingmen were very solid defensively and never cracked under the assaults of La Rochelle. Once again, the Maritimes lacked efficiency.

Le Garrec took over from Machenaud on penalties! The young scrum half gets his first points and may be the last of this match! 23 to 10!

It becomes very choppy in this meeting … The forwards are multiplying and the Racing players are eager to end it! A few more minutes to play!

Another penalty against the Rochelais and it’s in melee! Volavola clears his camp with a long kick.

Ouch referee Tual Trainini remains on the ground, visibly hit in the ankle. We hear him say “it cracked”!

In fact, Bourdeau does not have the right to throw himself on the ground and snatch the ball like that … It will be a penalty test and a yellow card for Bourdeau! So that’s 20 to 10!

What a festival for Gael Fickou who is going alone! He gets rid of two defenders, rolls up and tries to finish on his own. He loses control of the ball but there will be a video referee! Bourdeau snatches the ball from him when he is on the ground …

The Rochelais are struggling to finish the match, unlike Racing! The bench of heaven and white did a lot of good in the game but especially in close scrimmage.

Racing has decided to play it pragmatic! In front of the poles, Machenaud opens for Gibert who tries the drop … It’s close!

Ball recovered by Racing after a regular scratch! There will be a video referee for a Pesenti tackle on Atonio. It seems to be in the rules!

Penalty for Racing after an out of line La Rochelle! The Racingmen give a lot of rhythm to the image of Kurtley Beale who is sent on his ball catches. Machenaud gives again the advantage, 13 to 10!

It will do good for the Rochelais who badly needed points! Favre pierces 10 meters and the game bounces with Bourgarit who rolls up before serving on a Gourdon tray! Test of the 3rd wing line! In the corner, West inquires, 10 to 10!

The two teams struggle to be dangerous and are even rather cautious. We play kicking without real conviction!

This time, it is Racing which obtains a penalty in the Rochelais camp! Unlike West, Machenaud investigates the points that arise, 10 to 3!

Penalty for La Rochelle and West still misses the point … Second failure in three attempts for the opener from La Rochelle. We stay at 7-3!

What a huge defense from Wenceslas Lauret who plants his arms in the ground and offers a penalty to his team. Beale can’t find the key!

It’s the break at La DÃ © fense Arena! Racing leads 7-3 against La Rochelle thanks to a powerful test from Virimi Vakatawa! Ultra dominated, the Racingmen have shown an all-round realism, unlike the Maritimes who have missed many chances!

La Rochelle will begin to regret all of its failed actions during these first 30 minutes … There is a lot of waste!

Camille Chat and Pierre Bourgarit take a yellow card for a scrum that does not hold! Teddy Baubigny and Lagrange come into play. The two number 8s give up their places temporarily.

Gibert saves the racingman patrice! New interval catch from Berjon which pierces over twenty meters. The game bounced off the wing of Boudehent who was narrowly caught by Gibert!

Under pressure, Antoine Gibert tries a pass to the foot for his winger but it is directly in touch. Balloon returned to the Rochelais who did not ask for so much!

New penalty for La Rochelle but this time it’s over 50 meters! Ihia West will take the goal … and miss the target, we stay at 7-3!

This time, La Rochelle takes the points on a melee penalty! Almost facing the poles, West passes the first points of La Rochelle, 7 to 3!

Melee to follow for the Rochelais five meters from the line. Berjon introduces and the melee turns, penalty for the Maritimes! They hurt a lot in melee!

Alonso Munoz collects a balloon and sticks a stopper on Taofifenua then a noise on Vakatawa! He progresses and kicks for himself but he pushes his ball too much while dribbling! And he hurts his shoulder on the action … Boudehent replaces him.

Great job from Chouzenoux against a release from Berjon! He recovers the ball and tries to serve by falling Machenaud but his scrum half is surprised. Forward!

Here is the first try of the game! Racing took advantage of three advantages over La Rochelle faults. The game goes on the wing with Vakatawa who feigns the pass, before going to score powerfully! In the corner, Machenaud inquires, 7 to 0!

Fickou pushes on and puts young Munoz under pressure! Aldritt picks up the ball but the 3rd line in the center of La Rochelle is closed … Scrimmage at 5 for Racing!

Superb Racingmen action with Gibert at the baton who finds Taofifenua in the diagonal! The winger kicks for himself but the ball ends up in touch …

The two teams have been warming up for a few seconds! First between Liebenberg and Kolingar then later between Bourgarit and Chat!

Perfect game launch of the Racingmen who negotiate a good surplus! Vakatawa sends a screw towards Imhoff who commits a forward!

The two teams are not kidding on these first two minutes! La Rochelle sends some play with an interval catch of Popelin and an overflow of Berjon! 30 seconds later, Taofifenua started against but there was a forward!

And let’s go for the last match of this Saturday! Racing faces La Rochelle for the second day and the Parisians have a revenge to take on the half lost last year against these same La Rochelle!

Manager Laurent Travers has chosen to renew with one exception the fifteen holder against Stade Français. The only change concerns the post of left pillar: injured in an early thigh in the derby, Eddy Ben Arous is unavailable. He will again be replaced by Hassane Kolingar.

Confidence is maintained in Antoine Gibert at the opening, just like in the third row Lauret-Tanga-Chouzenoux. The line of attack, despite the absences, remains of high quality. Henry Chavancy and Fabien Sanconnie, long injured, are absent.

Ihaia West, who was not on the scoresheet against Toulouse, will start his season tonight. The opener will be associated with Thomas Berjon. Jules Plisson, tenured against Toulouse, does not appear on the substitute bench. Pierre Popelin is brought back to the rear, in the absence of Brice Dulin. Injured, Levani Botia is not present on this trip either, like Jà © rà © my Sinzelle.

Will Skelton being suspended, Mathieu Tanguy will accompany Romain Sazy in the second row, Thomas Lavault settling on the bench. Finally, in the front row, Dany Priso was again preferred over Reda Wardi, while Guram Papidze will play his first match with La Rochelle as the right pillar, Uini Atonio being replaced. §Ant.

Popelin – Leyds, Rhule, Favre, Alonso Munoz – (o) West, (m) Berjon – Alldritt, Gourdon, Liebenberg – Tanguy, Sazy – Papidze, Bourgarit, Priso

Beale – D. Taofifenua, Vakatawa, Fickou (cap), Imhoff – (o) Gibert, (m) Machenaud – Tanga, Chouzenoux, Lauret – Palu, Le Roux – Oz, Chat, Kolingar

Hello everyone and welcome to RMC Sport to follow Day 2 of Top 14 live! Solid winner of the derby last weekend, Racing 92 receives this Saturday the vice-champions of France Rochelais at the Defense Arena. Kick-off at 9:05 pm!