After the victory of the Ile-de-France over the Maritimes (23-10), find what caught the attention of our special correspondent in Nanterre.

Racing 92 takes its revenge Last June, in the semi-final of the Top 14 in Lille, the Racingmen had not existed against the Rochelais and had been swept away without change (19-6). In their enclosure of Nanterre, the players of Laurent Travers took their revenge (23-10), even if they refused before the match to use this term. Still, the Sky and White, although jostled and cornered in their 22 meters in the first half, were able to sign a victory in this prestigious poster. The penalty test logically granted at the end of the match allowed the locals to avoid some fears With two successes in two matches, not everything is perfect, but Racing 92 is launching its perfect match. season before going next Saturday (3 p.m.) to the promoted Biarritz.

La Rochelle woke up, but to no availâ ?? ¦ Two falls for the vice-champion of France and Europe. After its inaugural defeat at home against Stade Toulousain (16-20), La Rochelle conceded a second setback against one of the top 14. Les Maritimes, after having dominated sterilely the first period, can blame themselves. Several times, too sure of their strength, they preferred to take the scrum after getting a penalty, rather than taking the points off. The test of Kevin Gourdon (58th, 10-10) has revived his own. But in vain… The teammates of Grà © gory Alldritt could not prevent the big finish of Ciel et Blanc. The Rochelais will be under pressure next Saturday (9:05 pm) on the lawn of Clermont, beaten this Saturday at home by Castres and therefore with their backs to the wall. More than complicated start for the new La Rochelle manager Ronan O’Garaâ ?? ¦

A completely crazy end of the match After the penalty test awarded to Racing 92, the match became completely crazy at Paris La DÃ © fense Arena. Funny scene. The referee of the meeting Mr. Tual Trainini suffered a severe sprained right ankle. He immediately yelled and said, “I heard my ankle crack.” After long minutes of interruption, he left the Arena lawn (71st) on a stretcher . The last ten minutes of the match were refereed by Mr. Pierre Brousset, who until then was linesman. An unusual scene at this level. Hoping that Mr. Trainini quickly finds the land.

The lack of realism of the Rochelais To dominate is not to win. The Maritimes can blame themselves. In the first half, they copiously dominated the Parisians (62% possession at the break), created the most dangerous opportunities. But they have been unable to realize their opportunities. TO?? each time, a forward, a fault of hand, a bad choice or an approximation came to spoil their offensives. Disqualifying against a team of the standing of Racing.

The melee of Racing has pitched (again) Last week against Stade Français Paris, the melee of Ciel et Blanc had pitched strongly, penalized seven times. Facing Stade Rochelais, the Ile-de-France building, sanctioned 6 times, has not yet provided all the necessary guarantees for a team which claims to play the first roles. A new disappointing performance from the fronts of Hauts-de-Seine. There is still a lot of work to do. Didier Casadéi, the new forwards coach, must straighten the bar. Problem: Ile-de-France concerns are now known to everyone, especially refereesâ ?? ¦

West, a goal scorer Already at the end of last season, during the two finals contested by his team, the New Zealand opener from La Rochelle, Ihaia West, had been He was failing in his role as a goalscorer, which had cost his team dearly. This Saturday at the Arena, he failed again, missing two penalties – well under his belt – that could have revived his team. Failed. Opposite, Machenaud did not tremble. Failures that he did not compensate for with the ball in his hands, hardly inspired in his role as playmaker.

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