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Emmanuel Macron
declared Tuesday in an interview with the “Parisien”, to be decided to “piss off” the unvaccinated
“to the end” by “limiting for them, as much as possible, access to activities of social life”. Invited to Europe Matin on Wednesday, the public health specialist Alice Desbiolles said that it is “more than urgent to stop looking for the culprits” in this health crisis.

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“At the beginning, the culprits were those who did not respect the confinement. Then it was those who did not respect the barrier gestures or wore the mask badly, then the children and now the unvaccinated. I think that tomorrow it will be the unvaccinated children, ”she said. “It is more than urgent to stop all this and remember that the only culprits are the factors that have contributed to the emergence and spread of this infectious agent around the world.”

Alice Desbiolles affirmed that we “tilt more and more medicine and public health in the domain of morality”. “There are good guys and bad guys, good and bad. While we must stay only in the field of ethics and try to find the best possible solution, the one that will do the least damage”, she still estimated.

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Regarding the “irresponsibility” of unvaccinated people, she also ruled that the choices of individuals must be respected. “We know that the vaccine protects against serious forms but is not mainly effective against transmission and contamination. We can clearly see that with nearly 90% of the vaccinated population, we have been infected with several hundred thousand since the beginning of the year, “continued the public health doctor. “So we must stop stigmatizing and respect the choice of individuals. Consent is a very strong notion in medicine.”

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