Queen Elizabeth’s cousin is accused of selling access to Vladimir Putin’s regime, according to a report.

Prince Michael of Kent was secretly filmed during a business meeting with two undercover reporters he believed were potential clients and told them he could buy for £ 10,000 a day, or nearly $ 14,000, according to the Sunday Times of London. For a fee of $ 200,000, the prince also reportedly said he would record remarks giving royal approval to the client’s company, using his Kensington Palace home as a backdrop.

The prince believed he had spoken to representatives of a South Korean gold investment company which, according to the Sunday Times of London, was seeking access to the Kremlin in order to increase its profits.

The prince previously said he was “very excited” to take on a role to help potential customers do business in Russia. Talking about receiving one of the Kremlin’s most prestigious awards, the Order of Friendship, he said his connections in Russia could “be of some use”.

The king allegedly claimed he was “very excited” to help alleged customers and spoke of receiving one of the Kremlin’s most prestigious awards, the Order of Friendship.

The 78-year-old prince insisted that he had no “special relationship” with Putin, claiming he has had no contact with the Russian leader for 18 years.

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