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Actor Sylvain Marcel, who plays the inspired character of Renà © Angà © lil in Valà © rie Lemercier’s film, is convinced that Quebec will fall under the spell of the history of? ??? Aline Dieu. After the release in France this week, he unveiled some filming anecdotes with actress Danielle Fichaud.

The two artists are not at all apprehensive about the reaction of the Quebec public when Aline comes out on November 27th.

Quite critical Quebecers saw it and adored it. They are overthrown. So I’m sure people will like it.

If Valà © rie Lemercier changed the names of the Dion and Renà © Angà © lil family in this film that she wrote, directed and in which she plays the main role, she has also asked the actors and actresses not to make imitations of the characters played.

I worked on Maman Dion’s good nature, her benevolence, her unconditional love for her children. But she is the universal mother. I have never tried to imitate it, explained Danielle Fichaud in an interview with Renà © Homier-Roy on the Culture club program.

The French singer Victoria Petrosillo who performs the songs of Cà © line Dion in the film “Aline”, the director Valerie Lemercier and the actress Danielle Fichaud at the Festival d’Angoulème on August 28 »T 2021

Sylvain Marcel, who plays Guy-Claude Kamar, inspired by Renà © Angà © lil, explains not having taken the voice, very recognizable, of the agent and husband of Cà © line Dion.

But the resemblance is quite striking with the costumes and the makeup. All I had to do was recite the text that had been written. The work was done by itself. For Valà © rie, it was important not to make a parody, but also for me.

Even if he did not imitate the voice of Cà © line Dion’s husband, Sylvain Marcel was inspired by the way in which Renà © Angà © lil moved. I spent a lot of hours on YouTube watching him walk and talk. He often had a bottle of water in his hand. He opened the cork and closed it. These are things that I integrated into to bring this character to life, says the actor.

Danielle Fichaud, for her part, watched videos of Thérèse Dion with her family. I tried to avoid the moments when she is in representation, because it is more the story of the family, specifies- she.

Would the duo have accepted if it had been caricature and humorous? I probably would have done it anyway, but a little more backwards. What struck me a lot was when I saw that my acting work was going to really count instead of doing a pitiful imitation of it. ?? a character who has been made thousands of times, emphasizes Sylvain Marcel.

Danielle Fichaud is more affirmative. If we had laughed at the family, if it had been contemptuous, I would have refused. When I first met Valerie, she told me what interested her was to tell how a person who is an ugly duckling and the last re of 14 children succeeds, thanks to the love of her family and her manager, to become the queen of the world, explains Danielle Fichaud.

Valà © rie Lemercier plays Cà © line Dion in the film “Aline” which is inspired by the life of the singer from Quebec.

However, Sylvain Marcel admits that he didnâ € ™ t really understand what Valà © rie Lemercier wanted to do when he first read the script. I thought it was a travesty.

On Aline’s set, the Quebec actresses and actors made sure that the Quebec accent and the expressions used were real .

Sylvain Marcel says that he often made Valà © rie Lemercier repeat certain sentences. It’s obvious that her accent isn’t perfect. But after 5 minutes, we accept that Aline speaks like that. It’s fabulous what she does. I have seen the film 4 times and I am not getting tired of it.

Valérie Lemercier and Sylvain Marcel in the film “Aline” which is inspired by the life of the singer from Quebec.

Valà © rie didn’t want the French to see it with subtitles. So we made an effort to speak French they could understand. She has come part of the way and so have we. It’s not joual and I wouldn’t have wanted to talk like that anyway, says Danielle Fichaud.

The actress, who is also a teacher and founded the Ateliers Danielle Fichaud, which is very popular with actresses, specifies that when Valérie Lemercier did not have Completely the Quebec accent is when she was in the mood. But when it sounded too bad, we had the right to stop it and take it back. We often rehearsed the next day’s scenes with her, explains Danielle Fichaud.

Since the film was presented at the most recent Cannes Film Festival, Sylvain Marcel and Danielle Michaud had the pleasure of climbing the famous steps of the Croisette in the company of Valérie Lemercier and dâ ??? other members of the team. A dream for artists.

Roc Lafortune, Danielle Fichaud, Valérie Lemercier, Sylvain Marcel and Pascale Desrochers during the screening of the film “Aline” at Cannes.

We dream about it in the back of our bed, but we don’t dare talk about it too much. It’s an absolute fantasy. It happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to realize it. It was an incredible adventure, admits Sylvain Marcel.

Danielle Fichaud had put off this dream she had for a long time. I thought that at 60, that wouldn’t happen to me anymore. Well, that happened to me at 67. It was amazing.

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