CEBU City’s Vice Mayor Michael Rama has been seen more as a vaccines commissioner and often incumbent mayor during the pandemic and is heard more than Mayor Edgardo Labella, given the mayor’s frequent absences and work from home. In the flood of media inquiries about the vaccination campaign and the plan reported by the Ministry of the Interior and local governments (DILG) to investigate the city’s VAT liability for indoor dining in restaurants, these would have a slim chance of being addressed:

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[1] You talk a lot. They say they talk more than necessary: ​​a style that differs from Governor Gwen Garcia’s mantra “Ang buhat pasultihon”. Why? Talking is necessary and natural to make things happen. And I can do both. [2] You are Vice Mayor of Mayor [Edgar] Labella, whom people have not heard or seen in public for a while. Before that, you complained that you couldn’t communicate with the mayor. Who actually runs the city? This question should be directed to the mayor. [3] You have served as the city’s mayor, chairman of Sanggunian, and a number of incumbent mayor recently. What is more fun? Or is it nothing better than being the regular mayor? Serving as deputy mayor and city council chairman together is more fun. Being a regular mayor is more of a challenge. (The DILG, citing the Supreme Court, prohibits an incumbent mayor from serving as chairman of the city council at the same time, as the executive and legislative branches are independent of each other.) [4] Your arch-rival Tomas Osmena is most likely not your opponent in the mayoral election in the year 2022. Are you disappointed to meet MP Bebot Abellanosa instead? Both are formidable opponents. Let’s see who is actually running. [5] How would you fare against Kong Bebot when “gwapohay” or in a vocal match (he sings with a band and you can sing a capella)? This is not a personality contest or a Mr. Cebu contest. The city’s voters are smart enough. You don’t vote for (good looks or) money, but on (the candidate’s) track record. [6] Your rivals hit hard. Once during the last campaign, they repeatedly ridiculed Barug councilors as “Team Suyop”. They in turn use key words, quotes and slogans. It is said that repeating a lie over and over could lead people to believe it. Only the truth hurts. If (what they say against us) is not true, why bother. [7] How is your love life Their love affairs were widely publicized not so long ago. Love life should be personal. But (if it needs to be talked about) I feel very comfortable where I am now.

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