Tuesday, June 22, a gendarmerie operation is underway in Cunlhat, near Ambert, in Puy-de-Dôme because a man is holed up in his home and threatens to kill himself. As a precaution, the neighborhood and two schools were evacuated.

Tuesday June 22, from 6.30 am, a police intervention is underway in the city center of Cunlhat, near Ambert, in the Puy-de-Dôme. A man of around 55, according to the mayor of the town, is holed up in his home and is threatening to kill himself. Chantal Facy, mayor (SE) of Cunlhat, explains: “A man is holed up in his house. The neighbors alerted the gendarmes during the night because this gentleman had not been doing well for a few days. These have passed several times. At 6.30 am, everything got under way: firefighters, gendarmes, the PSIG (gendarmerie surveillance and intervention platoon. Editor’s note). It is not known if the man is armed. A neighbor says yes but we have no insurance “.

She continues: “We had been alerted for several days. We tried to get his doctor to intervene, but he refused. It no longer opens to anyone. The gendarmes are trying to communicate with this man. They managed to make contact but he still doesn’t want to open. A negotiator has arrived. The man says he wants to hurt himself, he threatens to kill himself. “

As a precaution, a security perimeter has been established. The mayor of the town said: “We evacuated the whole neighborhood. We also evacuated the nursery school and elementary school. There are 85 students who are in the sports hall. Everyone is fine.” On Facebook, the town hall communicated in order to reassure parents: “For reasons beyond the town hall, the children located in the premises of the Cunlhat nursery school are gathered in the sports hall where they expect you at 11:25 am. all are well “.

🔴 # EvenementEnCours Gendarmerie operation underway in Cunlhat, avoid the downtown area The priority is the intervention of the security and rescue services.

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