200 kg of cannabis seized last Thursday on the A75 motorway in the Puy-de-Dôme Clermont customs officers intercepted a Spanish semi-trailer near Eloudes and their noses were hollow.

This is what the customs services call “initiative control”. The checked truck was not reported, but the agents’ flair paid off. They decided to intercept a semi-trailer registered in Spain last Thursday on the A75 motorway near Coudes in the Puy-de-Dôme.

The semi-trailer was filled with pallets of sheets of paper destined for northern France. But two different pallets stored at the bottom of the load caught the attention of officers. Inside several boxes: 200 kg of resin and cannabis herb.

The divisional chief of customs of Clermont-Ferrand, Michel Riou. “We found that there were two different pallets at the bottom of the load which contained boxes and there, in these boxes, there was both cannabis resin for a quantity of 200 kilos. In the space of two months is the third somewhat substantial case that the colleagues realize since about a month ago, we checked and seized a quantity of 40 kilos of resin, and also therefore a second case of 41 kilos. So this is the third big cannabis seizure in the space of two months, mostly on the A75. “

The driver of the semi-trailer, a 41-year-old Spaniard, was handed over to the Clermont-Ferrand judicial police. It must be presented this Monday to the prosecution.

Auvergne customs officials are definitely in high spirits lately. They also seized last Sunday in Cantal 46 kilos of cigarettes hidden in a van. Tobacco intended for the Aurillac black market. The driver of the inspected vehicle was released for a heavy customs fine.

The city of Châtellerault is desperately looking for assessors and it is not the only one in Poitou

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