The nominees for the Puskas prize have been unveiled by Fifa, and they are eleven, men and women alike, to compete for the prize of the most beautiful goal of the year , including Auxerrois Gauthier Hein, the only French representative to fight for the award. The Puskas Prize, named in honor of the famous Hungarian striker, author of spectacular achievements for Real Madrid in his time, rewards the most beautiful goal scored between November 8, 2020 and August 7, 2021 inclusive, from an aesthetic point of view, regardless of the championship in which it was entered, and the gender of its author.

“The winner is selected by an international jury made up, on the one hand, of a panel of FIFA Legends and, on the one hand, of a panel of FIFA Legends. on the other hand, supporters from all over the world registered on, clarifies FIFA about the vote.The two components of the jury have the same electoral weight, which means that the vote cast by each of them ???? between them (FIFA Legends, supporters) counts for half, regardless of the number of voters in each component. This distinction was officially launched in 2009, and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo won the inaugural edition of this award.

Gauthier Hein was nominated for his goal scored with AJA during the trip to Niort on April 10 last season. There was a fantastic achievement there after a series of beauty: foray from the right side of the repair area, left hook for get rid of three Niort defenders. Benefiting from a favorable counter, he then executed a roulette wheel to eliminate two other opponents, and score a right – his bad foot! -, placing the ball in the skylight of goalkeeper niortaos. A much commented goal in France, which is now going around the world. The story could take an even more beautiful turn, but for that it will be necessary to wait for the close of the votes, the results of which will be revealed on January 17, on the occasion of the Trophy. © e The Best.

Will Gauthier Hein succeed Heung-min Son, and thus join big names in football such as Neymar and Zlatan Ibrahimovic on the winners of this trophy? The competition is dense, with the jewel of Manchester City attacking midfielder Riyad Mahrez, registered under the jersey of Algeria, or the lob registered from the middle of the field by Patrick Schick against Lâ ???? Scotland, during the last Euro. The Czech achievement was voted best goal of the competition last summer.