Former opposition leader Bill Shorten has called for his colleagues to demand that Joel Fitzgibbon be booted by the party to “pull their heads in”. after the Labor Party was rocked by an embarrassing NSW by-election.

The demand comes after Mr Fitzgibbon threatened to leave the party and insisted that Saturday’s dismal outcome at Upper Hunter was a reflection of the working class who dropped the Labor Party in favor of the Liberal-Nationals Coalition.

Mr. Shorten was pressured over the unrest in the ranks and asked directly whether Mr. Fitzgibbon should be removed from the party.

“In Regarding Joel, I think it should be fixed, “The former party leader told Nine’s Today on Tuesday morning.

” I don’t think he should leave the Labor Party. I think it would be better if they did Problems would be resolved internally. ” Division doesn’t look good.

“On the flip side, some of the people trying to get him to leave should pull their heads in.”

The explanation comes after Mr. Fitzgibbon’s Upper Hunter result called “diabolical”. and a “real wake-up call” for the opposition as the federal election looms.

The federal member of Hunter said the party was being abandoned by the working class because it was unwilling to support the coal industry.

He said, Labor risks passing votes to Scott Morrison’s coalition in regional areas that rely on extractive industries, particularly the Hunter and the main Queensland battlefield.

“The Labor brand is in trouble and if you’re not careful it will it’s going the way of the Kodak brand, “Mr. Fitzgibbon told Nine’s Today on Monday morning.

” The working people left us a while ago and clearly haven’t come back and they won’t come back until we clearly tell them that Our top priority as a party is jobs and job security. “

In places like the Hunter Region, you cannot have jobs and job security if you are on the Koh do not clearly support the oil industry. It’s important to so many families and they are suspicious of us.

Although the by-election was triggered on allegations of sexual assault against former Nationals member Michael Johnson, his successor, Dave Layzell, ran one of two in Saturday’s election Parties preferred swing against Nationals to victory.

The Prime Minister is expected to take the result as confirmation that his Conservative party represents the Australian middle class and is targeting regional areas and outer suburbs to maintain power.

Mr Fitzgibbon, who was removed from the shadow cabinet last year after violent disagreements with Anthony Albanese over climate policy, asked his party to loudly support the mining sector.

He urged the opposition leader to take a line similar to that Queensland Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk will take over the Sunshine State in October the power remained. “Coal is our second largest export,” Mr Fitzgibbon told the ABC. So it would be silly to say that the Labor Party does not support this export industry. The strange thing is that we do that. “


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