The Six-Fours-les-Plages team, made up of members of the Millau club (Noah Breton, Lou Labarthe, Lorenzo Debard), left no chance for their opponents Nevers (Leny Hut, Dostu Hut, Andssy Hut) to logically win the final of the Masters of young petanque in Nevers, Wednesday 25 August.

While they had yet delivered a beautiful semi-final against Romans-sur-Isère (13-4), the Hut brothers did not succeed in imposing their game against Six-Fours and were quickly led 7-0 to third. “I missed the point, we played badly, it’s a shame”, regrets the pointer, Leny Hut.

Lou Labarthe, scorer for Six-Fours-les-Plages and member of the French team, thinks that the start of the game made the difference: Applied, we went straight into the game and we gave them no chance to revive. We had lost against them in the pool and we absolutely wanted to win the final to take our revenge. TO”

Lorenzo Debard, the team’s pointer, feels a lot of pride. Â € œItâ € ™ sa very good result, it was already a pleasure to qualify for Six-Fours and, there, to win. is that a bonus, we are really proud of what we showed today. TO”

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